SYNTHETIK – The Switcheroo Mechanic Guide

The Switcheroo is a mechanic that allows you to get “on-kill” effects (and some others) from guns (e.g. Laser Sub) without actually using the gun. Take a look, it’ll definitely be useful.

The Switcheroo Explained

The Switcheroo

I’ll try to keep this one short.

So, you know how some guns have “on-kill” effects? For example, the LS Laser Sub will give you shield on kill, but it’s weak? Here’s the thing:

  1. Kill enemy with good gun.
  2. Switch to gun with effect-on-kill.
  3. Switch back to good gun.
  4. Kill counts for both guns.

I call that the “Switcheroo”, cause you tend to switch guns all the time while doing it. Kill, hit Q twice, repeat. Here’s what I’ve seen the Switcheroo work with:

  • LS Laser Sub permanent max shield increase.
  • Medic FMG-9 permanent health regen increase.
  • Headhunter stat on Ballistic CRX-Bow.
  • Guns that upgrade on kill count like the UMP-9 Semi and the ‘Raptor’ Laser SG.
  • Vital Data Collector kill count for permanent max health increase.

That’s cool and all, but it’s not just for kills! For instance, if you accrue heat with some other gun, then switch to a gun with the heat-ammo-printer attachment, it’ll print ammo.

So it’s not just a “kills count for both guns” thing. It’s more like “do thing with other gun, then switch to get effects”. Also, it doesn’t even have to be another gun. If an enemy dies for whatever reason, hit QQ and it’ll count.

This is a really strong mechanic, and although some guides mention it, it’s only in passing, and I feel like everyone should know about it. Imagine, instead of working your ass off to get max shield with the LS Laser Sub, or wasting upgrades to make it good, you can just get kills with a strong gun, and hit QQ to get the max shield for free.

The Switcheroo isn’t a “save your run” mechanic, but it’s definitely a “make more of out your run” mechanic. Every time I mention it in chat someone’s like “that’s crazy”, so I feel like it deserves its own guide.

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