Magic: The Gathering Arena – Starter Tips

How to Start

Note: Credit goes to Kurt Angle's Neck

Instead of jumping straight into building your own deck, I would suggest you pick your favorite of the starter decks and try modifying it. Get to know the deck and how the cards compliment each other, then tweak some things and see how it affects the play.

If one of the starter decks is really pleasant for you, try to find a key word corresponding to those synergies, and look which cards correspond in the collection.

Look which one you can obtein easily, and add them into the starter pack.

After what, there are draft or sealed to collect cards, but you already need to know to choose which cards picks and know to build a deck.

Take information about the last edition, the more accessible in number of card. Try to play standard. Look what other player play and what you have to deal with.

Modify your deck to introduce more gestion or what you feel with your experience.

Take as much pleasure as possible.

Have fun, play how you want, focus on one deck when it comes to spending wild cards and money, make sure the packs you buy are playable in the modes you play, some are not playable in standard.

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