Don’t Starve Together – How to Survive 50 Days

In this guide, I’ll give you a plan to survive until around day 50.

Guide to Survive 50 Days

Note: Credit goes to ZXCSFCHIK

Day 01–05

First we look for gold and pigs.

When gold is found, we make a scientific machine, and then upgrade it to an alchemical engine. We make our own premises.

Day 06-08

We need to make a cauldron (to get coal you need to set fire to a tree and wait until it burns). Products at this stage include artisan meatballs (3 berries and 1 any meat).

Day 08-012

We find spiders and kill them quickly (we need about 20 webs). We catch butterflies and bees in a net (you just need to find them first).

You need at least 4 bees (namely yellow bees) and 2 butterflies. And you need to break one hive, you need to break it to get honeycombs. We put the hive at the base and now you can add more honey .

Day 13-15

Now let’s go get resources for the pig’s house. When everything is obtained, make the houses (you should get house 4).

Day 16-18

Making a refrigerator. And we collect food.

Day 19-20

Make as many meatballs as possible and put them in the refrigerator.

Day 21-40

Winter. We just eat meatballs and spend the night by the fire. It is also advisable to kill the Deer boss to open another boss.

Day 41-50

We make more beehives and feed the pigs. The rest will follow.

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