Magicraft – How to Deal More Damage


Just snakes and the mouse tracking spell. Add poison multishot and whatever damage uprgrades you have and you got enough damage to clear the game.

Basic rule of thumb is if you dont have at least 2k-3k damage per second youre gonna have a bad time in stage 3.

Below are some examples of snake wands.

Basic ~700 dps

Good ~7.5k dps

Optimal ~35k dps

Yes there are other ways but this is probably the easiest.

Some Good Spells


Fill remaining slots with anything increasing damage without added cost.

  • Snake (tracking posion multishot)
  • Meteor (tracking poison multishot bounce split)
  • Thunderstorm (tracking speed multishot poison power traction+accuracy)
  • Butterfly (speed multishot poison split) good on support wands
  • Magic bullet+ (multishot poison split tracking duration penetration) good on spupport wands
  • Spell breaker (multishot size(lots) poison forced cooling (if neccesary)
  • Rock ‘n’ ball (tracking+penetration multishot split) posion will leave a trail ill advised
  • Arcane explosion (size multishot poison split leg wire)
  • Disruption ray (tracking+split multishot poison)

Summoning Spells:

Mr ke’s head (troll serum parasites posion) good for unusued wands will follow across rooms.

Pop (troll serum parasites rest see magic bullet) cheap.

Mr ke’s hand () has no summon limit.

Self aware grimoire (troll serum parasites) can cast any spell you want it to can also be used to create summon chains where one book summons 3 more books which do the same and so on.

Dont rely too much on summons most bosses kill them quickly


  • Poison
  • Tracking
  • Multishot
  • Frost Crystal
  • Enhanced Damage
  • Mana Box
  • Forced Cooling
  • Silent Flower
  • Split
  • Pyro Core
  • Thunder Core
  • Mimic Cube
  • Guardian Wand (Good for Unused Wands)


Get 2-3 for damage then prioritize survivability.

Some Good Ones:

  • Treant’s Robes
  • Ranger’s Boots
  • Bloodlust Eye
  • Merlin’s Set
  • Endless Bottle
  • Lucky Clover
  • Devil’s Mask
  • Blade Of Fury (Only if you have any crit)
  • Beasty Fang
  • Gecko Tail
  • Six Sided Dice (Gives you a lot more choices pretty much a must have)
  • Healing Belt (Sinergy with endless bottle)
  • Dusty Treasure
  • Treant’s Pauldron
  • Soul Bone Crown
  • Close Observation (Good for keeping up with summon hp. upgrades reveal more information)
  • Knight’s Chestplate
  • Chalice Of Greed

Epic Relics:

(Very rare. Usually only spawn with a health cost after boss battles)

  • Replica Gloves (Situational)
  • Soul Bone Armor
  • Goldminer’s Armor
  • Drill
  • Silver Key

How to Kill the Author

To kill him in a reasonable time frame you need a lot of damage around 10k dps is enough.

The real problem is surviving long enough:

  • Focus on survivability relics
  • Save potions that can keep you alive (time slow, shield, invincibility etc.)
  • Get a second wand with a lot of mana regen and around 6-7 slots

Put on the spellbreaker spell with size increase 1 multishot and energy saver fill empty slots with mana regens. you need enough regen to keep the spell firing nonstop if you run out you die.

  • Dont try to put the spellbreaker on a guardian wand it will do stupid things and you will die
  • Put a resonance rune+ on your dps wand and main the spellbreaker wand.

Homing snakes work well for this.

  • Put guardian wands in empty wand slots if you have any

Example build of my clear:

Random Tips

  • Chests are worth the key.
  • Get the second wand slot asap.
  • Get shop rerolls.
  • Dont focus too much on max hp healing is scarce.
  • Focus more on relics and money than spell rooms (1-2 at the start is alright).
  • Look for potion rooms in shops.
  • Dab on the cage spirit.
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