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Character Tier List

We’re at Healer (Bell) + Cymbal Meta since the game was out, the healers are still dominating the game with their heals while Cymbal speeds up motivation.

Despite the nerf for chocolate, it’s still powerful enough to steamroll world tour with no effort. (as long as you don’t mess up)

The game is centered around healers, so the tier will be revolved around them.

Chocolate is now more minutes on the clock = cannot die period. (it needs a cap for how many it can be summoned)

While Azki have wider AoE heal than chocolate and heals more, she can’t compete with the healing upkeep of Chocolate (especially having more than 3 chocolate in the field)

We have Bubba for motivation, or swapping it for Okayu / Suisei. Or using two Cymbals for lv 9 (for someone who wants lv 9 cymbal for some reason)

The only reason Okayu & Suisei r not on Very High Tier is because we have Bubba for motivation, it’s 7 cost while Okayu is at 22 & Suisei on the highest for 36.

The tanks ends up being Very High Tier is due to the synergize they have with the healers, can’t go wrong with any of those tanks. (Noel, Kiara & Korone)

Even if using Lu-knight or Ganmo to tank. Those UR tanks are on a whole different tier in terms of cost-efficiency, damage or HP.

This is my tier list I made for having more than 2 Hololive members in a team, which corresponds to playing World Tour with 60+ Collection Trophies. (I played all the Hololive members with some changes in the team while spamming world tour).

Broken Tier

Azkip – Her AoE heal range is much larger than chocolate, she dominates in any stages or tours. It’s healing meta, use them if you want to clear World Tour.

Very High Tier

(Versatile, extremely high impact during the fight)

Amelia – Low cost, lowers defense by 30% on enemies, somewhat medium range. Also possible to lower the pressure put by the mobs / bosses. In a way, she also helps members who doesn’t have ignore block to lower the chance of getting aura blocked.

Noel – Defensive Tank, she doesn’t lose 70% Hp when used correctly (in world tour), the 30% block rate helps her survivability by a mile, not to mention she does AoE damage. Ease the pressure put by Bosses & Mobs.

Korone – Opposite of Noel, Offensive Tank, 30% block rate & 50% ignored block. Her trumpet synergize her damage output.

Kiara – Her higher HP somewhat helps if compared to Korone and having 2 black anti-aura ability to her kit makes her tankier in postgame. She has the longest range between two other UR tanks. 30% Block rate keeps her being a decent tank and has higher AoE damage than Noel. She have the highest cost on this tier.

Flare – 100% ignores block, she’s one of the best versatile DPS that ignores enemy’s aura blocking. 2nd highest cost on this tier.

High Tier

(Versatile, has a significant high impact during the fight)

Okayu – There’s no need for Bubba if you have her, unless you want lv 9 Cymbal for some reason. Her 50% ignore Block puts her on this tier list.

Marine – Despite having one of the longest range, 50% ignore block & having average cost of 22. The Saxophone does not synergize her damage which lower her down to this tier. She is competing with 5 other saxophone members.

Miko – Having a Trombone as her form of defense, makes her survive longer and having 50% ignore block makes her more versatile.

Ina’nis – Despite having no ignore block rate, her special ability to do more damage to multiple enemies has placed her on this tier. However, her cost is higher than most members.

Kurokami – A versatile close range dps with 50% ignore block and gold anti-auras for atk & def, makes her good at endgame. The only downside to her is her cost.

Suisei – Giving her 50% ignore block had bump her up to this tier, despite having one of the highest cost.

Pekora – Long range that can nuke, I argue she have one of the best wave clears. Her cost is high but makes up with that nuke.

Calliope – 30% ignore block, check. Saxophone that benefits her damage, check. Have two anti-aura abilities, check. Cost-efficient… That’s the trade-off, she’s one of the two who have the highest cost.

Robocosan – The misleading description for having “long range” can fool anyone, she’s close to mid range but with somewhat lower cooldown than average Hololive member. She’s have a hard time competing with Flare, who have 100% ignore block.

Moona – Her attack is sphere AoE. her cost is slightly higher compared to other UR. Despite competing with Flare, she has a longer range than Flare.

Borderline High Tier

(Having high impact during the fight)

Fubuki – Despite the high cost, she’s backed with 2 different anti-aura abilities for atk & def, a total of 4 skills. The trumpet synergizes her damage, however having no ignore block and the presence of Korone had placed her here.

Mio – Flare has outclassed her in almost every aspect. Mio have faster attack animation compared to Flare, but having no ignore block places her here.

Sora – She’s not a DPS but a buffer. The downside to her buff is that it does not stack with comments or Mio-fam, she’s a redundant unit if someone wants to upkeep their atk buff. Not to mention, atk buff does not increase healing values.

Mid Tier

(Have some to little impact during the fight)

Gura – Having a Trumpet placed her on the lowest tier list, there are few major problems to her kit. If she had just two problems, I would have just put it on Borderline High Tier.

  • One – Her trumpet does not synergize her damage output.
  • Two – She’s competing with Korone, who’s at the 2nd highest tier.
  • Three – Having 50% ignore block is not enough to help help her climb up to a higher tier.
  • Four – Her “long range” attack is a close-mid range attack, another misleading description.
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