Manor Lords – How to Fix TAA Blurriness

How to Fix TAA Blurriness when Zooming or Moving the Camera

To fix blurry graphics when using TAA and moving the camera in games that use UE4, you need to tweak some settings. Here’s a simple guide:


When you use TAA, things get super blurry if you move the camera. Other modes like FSR, DLSS, and XESS don’t help much either. TXAA could work, but it makes moving parts flicker.


There are some changes you can make in UE4 settings to sharpen the graphics:

  1. Close the game – Make sure it’s not running.
  2. Find and open Engine.ini – You’ll find this file in the game’s folder.

By changing some settings in this file, you can reduce the blurriness when using TAA.

And add the following lines at the end:


Don’t forget to save the file before starting the game.

With these settings (and TAA selected as anti aliasing mode), the image looks much sharper while the camera is moving:

To reduce the blurriness with TAA, you can tweak two settings in the Engine.ini file:

  • r.TemporalAA.HistoryScreenPercentage=200 – This increases the resolution of the TAA history. It helps make the picture clearer but might drop your FPS by about 10%.
  • r.TemporalAA.Algorithm=1 – Switches the TAA algorithm, also for better clarity but with a slight performance cost.

Even though these changes can lower your FPS a bit, the improvement in graphics quality makes it totally worth it, especially if blurry visuals bug you.

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