Manor Lords – How to Beat the Baron (Restoring the Peace Scenario)

The Evil Baron Guide

If the evil baron burned your place down, this guide’s got you covered.

First time I played, right after I beat some raiders, the baron took over my land. He showed up with an army double my size and torched everything. I promised to get back at him, and this guide is all about how I did it.

The baron uses mercenaries instead of training his own soldiers. His army setup is pretty standard, but he brings in extra mercs right before or during fights. We’re gonna use his merc dependency against him.

First Year

You need a militia fast. Restart until you get a map with lots of berries and at least 150 iron. In the “Restoring the Peace” scenario, the map’s the same but starting spots and resources vary. Focus on berries and hunting at first. A good berry spot can support almost 150 people without needing to farm right away.

Here’s the build order:

  • Lumber camp
  • Hunting camp
  • Forager’s hut
  • Woodcutter’s lodge
  • 3 houses (big plots for growing veggies)
  • Tannery

Get more living space and keep approval over 50% for population growth. Buy an extra ox for faster construction. Expand your houses to fit up to 6 families. Add two veggie gardens to your big houses. Set up market stalls at your firewood and tannery spots. Then, build a sawpit and dedicate an ox to it. Finally, build a church and more houses to boost your population quickly. Keep your forager’s hut busy until all berries are gone to stock up for year two.

Second Year

Set Up a Weapons Industry

When you see the “raiders sighted” notification, it’s time to start making weapons. You’ll get this alert in the second year. Choose “Track Movement” to get a countdown for their attack. Upgrade five houses to tier 2 and save the extra income. Build a mining pit on your iron deposit and set up a bloomery close by. Keep making planks for shields. In your tier 2 houses, add artisan shops: turn one into a Joiner’s Shop for small shields and another into a blacksmith for sidearms. Skip the smithy.

Raise a Militia

Equip your men with sidearms and small shields to form your militia. Try to get about 25-30 footmen ready before the raiders hit. Don’t bother with archers—they’re useless right now.

Defeat the First Wave of Raiders

Expect two groups of 18 brigands. Have your footmen hold their ground to minimize losses. Fight until the raiders lose morale. Don’t forget to build a grave pit for the defeated raiders.

(Optional) Search and Destroy a Bandit Camp

If there’s a bandit camp nearby, attack it. They might have 18 brigands, but your militia can handle them. Keep any gold you find for your treasury.

Third Year +

Increase Your Militia and Treasury

Keep expanding your housing. Opt for the berry upgrade on the development tree to feed your growing population without farming. Raise three full militia footmen troops, build a manor, and continue raiding nearby bandit camps. Use the manor to tax your people and start a trade route with any surplus goods.

Prepare for Battle

The evil baron will likely control most of the map by now, but that’s okay. When he claims a nearby region, challenge him. Before you challenge him, hire one or two mercenary bands. This is crucial because the baron will hire any mercenaries you don’t. Keep these mercenaries until the battle ends or the baron might recruit them back.

Meet the Evil Baron in Battle

The baron’s army will consist of 36 mercenary archers, 72 footmen, 36 retinue, and 18 brigands. Engage his archers with your mercenaries leading and militia behind. His archers will retreat while his footmen and retinue charge. Use your mercenaries to hold them and flank with your militia. His troops may be well-equipped, but their morale is low. Surround them to break their spirit and secure a victory.

Gather Influence

After winning your first major battle, the rest will get easier. Always recruit mercenaries before the baron can. He might attack your towns with mercenaries if left unchecked. Build influence through the manor’s tithe setting. Keep expanding and defending your regions as the baron will keep challenging you. Note: Cap your militia units at six before building more manors due to a recruitment limit.

Raise Your Knights

Start a new settlement near a rich iron deposit to build armorer workshops. Use the logistics tab to transport mail armor, helmets, and weapons back to your main town. Upgrade your retinue with plate armor if possible, though it’s not essential for victory in the current game state.

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