Materialization of Memories – Apartment Code Guide

Hello! I saw this puzzle and I was pretty scared of it, but it wasn’t that hard. So I’m here to help out whoever is needing the code and also explaining how to solve it.

Guide to Apartment Code

Step By Step (Explanation On How To Solve It)

Once you are in this room, you’ll be standing on a floor that will be draining your mind to the point of reaching 0 very quickly so you will need to take a picture of the current puzzle to be able to solve it properly.

Don’t allow this to happen

The puzzle itself is this one and will look rather confusing at first, but bear with me, this isn’t that difficult.

These images correspond to the amount of [x] items that are in the room.

The first image being these glass tables that are in the room we are in. (3)

The second image we have is but this pattern of plant. (3)

The third image is this glass showcasing table. (4)

The fourth image is this other type of plant. (2)

The fifth image resembles the mirrors that are in the same room we are in. (3)

The sixth image would resemble this type of plant that is here. (3)

The seventh image showcases broken mirrors. (6)

The eighth image represents the tables that are on the below our room to the right. (4)

The nineth image we have to read is this one round table. (1)

And the last image represents the crate that we have to open. (?)

Code (Answer)

3 x 3 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 6 – 4 + 1 = 3885

Doing the math around and combining every single one of these numbers together will give you this number

This will be the answer to the puzzle that you were looking for.

Here’s your reward.

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