Jupiter Hell – How to Recover a Save from a Crash

Instructions on how to recover your game from a crash when it seems lost.

Guide to Recover a Save from a Crash

Note: Credit goes to Same_difference

How to Recover Your Game from a Crash

There are two types of common crashes you might encounter:

  1. An in engine crash – most likely these days if there is a bug in a mod you’ve installed. In this case there will be a save file, and so restarting the game you should pick up from the moment of the crash
  2. An out of engine crash, e.g. a graphics driver issue or similar. In this case the game crashes such that it cannot write the save file. However all is not lost!

How to recover a game you thought was lost to the crash

When the game loads a level it right a file in the JupiterHell install folder called crash_data. This is a slightly modified save file. Next time you start a new game this file will be overwritten so you need to recover the save before starting another game!

Turning a crash_data file back into a save is easy:

  1. Open crash_data in a text editor, and delete the first four character of the file.
  2. Save the modified file as save1 (or whatever save number you aren’t using already).
  3. Launch the game and load the game up from the start of the level you crashed on.

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