Meeple Station – Game Bug Fixes Guide

The game is (probably) dead to the devs so I hope this will help.

Guide to Game Bug Fixes

Some Help For Y’all

After trying to create new saves under both Campaign and Sandbox mode: I still couldn’t make any progression past the section to build the SI Drive.

The first annoying bug was every time I’d load up the game the solar system would change, effectively causing all ships heading towards or away planets to be locked there until I got lucky to find a game with said planet in it.

After that nonsense the next problem quickly appeared which is the reason for me making this guide for y’all; the bloody SI Drive is stuck in a perpetual Charging state and none of the game modes can overcome this. Now I couldn’t find anything on the internet to remedy this, but after some trail and error I think I’ve fixed it.

To access the console press ~ in game followed by:

  • addplanet (put the exact planet name that your ships are headed to)

To fix the drive type in the console:

  • campflag

This will tell you how far in the “campaign” you are this works with sandbox mode as well, now follow up with increasing this number by one. This is and example of mine:

  • campflag 12 (the SI Drive mission).
  • campflag 13 (Act II The Rugora System).

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