Mortal Kombat 11 – Total Disrespect Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Total Disrespect Achievement

Detailed Explanation

  1. Head to Character Kustomization menu.
  2. Select D’Vorah.
  3. Go to Abilities > deselect all of them or just 1/2 abbilities, make sure you have 2 abilities slots available.
  4. Equip the ability “Mother Bug”.
  5. Head to Fight>Local.
  6. Select D’Vorah as your character (the one that has the “Mother Bug” ability equiped)[For your opponent you can choose whatever].
  7. Select a difficulty i suggest easy to get the achievement easier(if you have balls no one is stopping you from choosing the hardest difficulty).
  8. Defeat your opponent 1 round and let him defeat you once to get to final round (if you play on 2 rounds matches)[You can only get the achievement in final round].
  9. In the final round get your opponent to 100 hp or lower, when he is low hp enough for you to finish him off let him defeat you.
  10. After you get ressurected as the bug-vorah kill your opponent

Congratulations you have totally disrespected your opponent!

Guide Short Explanation

  1. Select mother bug abbility for D’Vorah.
  2. In the final round get your opponent as low as you can so you can 1 tap him then let him defeat you.
  3. When you get ressurected beat him.

Congratulations you have totally disrespected your opponent shorter version!

Created by Dark Lord Tony

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