METAL GEAR SOLID 2: Sons of Liberty – Master Collection Version – Preventing Crashes on Steam Deck

Documenting any configuration changes needed to get the game up and running on Steam Deck.

How to Fix Crashes on Steam Deck

Extra Configuration

Just using this guide to document any extra config I had to go through to get this game up and running.

As a disclaimer, I play this docked in desktop mode. I use the newest Proton GE version.

Game Crashes after First Cutscene

Download xaudio2_9.dll and put it in your MGS2 game folder where the .exe is

Add this to your launch commands:

WINDLLOVERRIDES="xaudio2_9=n" %command%

Crashes whenever a codec video is shown

The game would crash for me after I beat Olga. The codec video would have a green bar along the bottom and it would crash after playing for a couple seconds.

The fix is to add this PROTON_HEAP_DELAY_FREE=1 to your launch commands like so:


Still getting the weird green bar, but doesn’t crash at least.

Created by Slurp

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