METAL GEAR SOLID 2: Sons of Liberty – Master Collection Version – Preventing Crashes on Steam Deck

Documenting any configuration changes needed to get the game up and running on Steam Deck.

How to Fix Crashes on Steam Deck

Note: Credit goes to Slurp

Extra Configuration

Just using this guide to document any extra config I had to go through to get this game up and running.

As a disclaimer, I play this docked in desktop mode. I use the newest Proton GE version.

Game Crashes after First Cutscene

Download xaudio2_9.dll and put it in your MGS2 game folder where the .exe is

Add this to your launch commands:

WINDLLOVERRIDES="xaudio2_9=n" %command%

Crashes whenever a codec video is shown

The game would crash for me after I beat Olga. The codec video would have a green bar along the bottom and it would crash after playing for a couple seconds.

The fix is to add this PROTON_HEAP_DELAY_FREE=1 to your launch commands like so:


Still getting the weird green bar, but doesn’t crash at least.

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