METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater – Master Collection Version – 100% Achievement / Trophy Guide

I am too lazy to do all of them but maybe you are not. Not a fancy guide with visuals and photos but definitely a quick and a sharp one.

A mixture of my knowhow and internet research to complete all the achivements. Enjoy!

Boss / Carachter Related Achievements

1) Young Gun

Push the story and reach the building that is in Rassvet. Sokolov is in it. In the cutscene Ocelot will join the party. You will get the achivement naturally once you reach that point.

2) Problem Solved, Series Over

After submiting Ocelot, Snake will knock out Ocelot in the cutscene. When cutscene is over kill Ocelot while he ise stunned on the ground. Ocelot will show up in the following MGS games and that why its a time paradox.

3) Pain Relief

Push the story and defeat the Pain. You will get the achivement naturally.

4) If it Bleeds, We Can Kill It

Push the story and defeat the Fear. You will get the achivement naturally.

5) The End

Push the story and defeat the End. You will get the achivement naturally.

6) Houston, We HAD a Problem

Push the story and defeat the Fury. You will get the achivement naturally.

7) River of Pain

Push the story and defeat the Sorrow. You will get the achivement naturally.

8) Shagadelic

Push the story and defeat Shagohod. You will get the achivement naturally.

9) Grounded

Push the story and defeat Volgin. You will get the achivement naturally.

10) The Patriot

Push the story and defeat The Boss. You will get the achivement naturally.

11) The Cat’s Out of the Bag

At the cutscene that president shakes the hand of the Snake. Press R1 and look out the left window. You will see Ocelot there. This is one of the hidden first person views.

12) You Snooze, You Lose

Use the thermal vision in the End fight to see his footsteps. Sneak behind him with slow walk (NOT prone or normal walk). Get close to him and aim to his head. Once he lays down, move the aim to somewhere else and aim to his head again fast. Snake will say “I don’t think so”. Make this twice. Because in the 3rd one, the End will try to escape. The way to prevent that is holding the aim on his head this time and not move it like the first 2 times. You will get the achivement and the End will drop the Moss camo.

13) The Early End

In the area that you enter after the Pain boss fight, take the left path and grab the SVD sniper rifle in a heavily guarded room. Push the story once you are at the warehouse area. After the cutscene you will see a small portion of the End on a wheelchair, quickly grab your SVD sniper and kill him before they take him to inside of the building.

Note: That will skip the other achivements related to the End and some other ones as well. Make sure you save before you do this.

Collectibles (Animals and Plants)

14) Prince Charming

Kerotan’s are green frog toys that are hidden around. You will eventually see one and shoot it. You will get the achivement. Easiest and closest one is at the beginning of the game, once you reach the bridge area, there is a kerotan on the left-close top of the bridge.

15) It Ain’t Easy Beeing Green

Shoot all Kerotan frogs.

16) Charmer

Collect all types of snakes.

  • Giant Anaconda and Coral Snake are generic snakes that can be found at lots of places.
  • King Cobra: Demuchij North (Op Snake Eater), Bolshaya Past Crevice
  • Green Tree Python: Demuchij East (Op Snake Eater), Rokojov Bereg
  • Milk Snake: Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior, Chyornyj Prud
  • Thai Cobra: Krasnogorje, Chyornaya Peschera Cave
  • Taiwanese Cobra: Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior, Chyornaya Peschera Cave
  • Reticulated Python: Demuchij South, Zaozyorje North
  • Tsuchinoko: To catch a tsuchinoko, set a mousetrap on the grass just before the first electrical fence in the Bolshaya Pass South map. Leave the map and come back. Repeat this if you did not catch it. When you did, you will loose it at the torture scene. Recapture it in Tikhogornyj.
  • Les Enfants Terribles: To catch Les Enfants Terribles, go Rokovoj Bereg (Final Boss area) and check the logs. You will find 3 silver snakes there.

17) Believe it or Not

Check the previous achivement.

18) Them’s Good Eatin

Collect all types of frogs. Hunt some frogs mostly in lake-ish areas. The last one you will need is the one that Johnny (the guard) will give you as food in the cell.

19) A Bird in the Hand

Collect all types of birds.

  • Magpie: Demuchij South, Zaozyorje North
  • Parrot: To catch to Parrot, you can hunt the parrot that always lands on a log around the End in the boss fight. Its the End’s Parrot. He will be angry once you get it. Make sure you don’t get spotted to catch it.
  • Red Avadavat: Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior, Svyatogornyj South
  • Sunda Whistling-Thrush: Demuchij North, Zaozyorje North
  • White-Rumped Vulture: Krasnogorje (Mountain chapter)

20) Fungus Among Us

Collect all types of mushrooms.

Russian Glowcap, Russian Oyster Mushroom are generic mushrooms that can be found at lots of places.

  • Baikal Scaly Tooth: Demuchij East, Tikhogornyj
  • Fly Agaric: Graniny Gorki South
  • Siberian Ink Cap: Demuchij South, Zaozyorje North
  • Spatsa: Graniny Gorki Lab 1F, Svyatogornyj South, Sokrovenno West
  • Ural Luminescent: Svyatogornyj West

21) Everything is in Season

Collect all types of fruits.

  • Yabloko Moloko: Sokrovenno North, Demuchij North
  • Vine Melon: Svyatogornyj South, Tikhogornyj
  • Russian False Mango: Demuchij South, Zaozyorje South
  • Golova: Zaozyorje East, Demuchij Swampland

22) Just What the Doctor Ordered

Collect all types of medical plants. All of them can be found in similar areas in a pot. Also in various missions, snake will recieve those as default so make sure you don’t use all of them.

  • Amur Kudzu: Granini Gorki, Groznyj Grad
  • Ezo Comfrey: Granini Gorki, Groznyj Grad
  • Slav Horehound: Granini Gorki, Groznyj Grad
  • Chinese Plantain: Granini Gorki, Groznyj Grad

23) Tall Tale

Collect all types of fish.

  • Maroon Shark: Chyornaya Peschera Caves
  • Arowana: Chyornyj Prud, Tighogomnyj
  • Bigeye Trevally: Ponizovje South, Tikhogomyj

24) King of the Jungle

Obtain the Markhor title. Have all items in every type i mentioned above in your inventory at the same time to get this achivement. So make sure you don’t use all of them same items.

Collectibles (Weapons and Outfits)

25) Fashionista

Collect all types of camo. There some camos that you might not have in your version of the game or some other ones that are not in this list because of version differences.

Naked, Tiger Stripe, Olive Drab, Leaf, Tree Bark, Squares, Black are default camos that Snake will recieve them at the start.

  • Animal: None lethal Ocelot defeat
  • Spirit: Touch body at the end of the Sorrow fight
  • Moss: Hold the End. Check achivement 12
  • Spider: None lethal the Fear defeat
  • Hornet Stripe: None lethal the Pain defeat
  • Fire: None lethal the Fury defeat
  • Cold War: None lethal Volgin defeat
  • Snake: None lethal the Boss defeat
  • Water: After Ocelot fight, go to the roof of the building in Bolshaya Past
  • Raindrop: In a little area under the bridge in Operation Snake eater.
  • Chocolate Chip: Granini Gorki balcony
  • Splitter: Bolshaya Past South, Krasnogorje Mountaintop
  • Snow: BEFORE the Pain fight, in a small cave
  • Fly: Granini Gorki bathroom
  • GA-KO: : Chyornyj Prud
  • Sneaking Suit: Groznyj Grad locker in the place that you steal the identity of a colonel.
  • Banana: Snake vs Monkey mini game
  • Tuxedo: Complete a playthrough
  • Maintenance: Shagohod’s Hangar
  • Raikov Uniform: Push the story until you get it.
  • Scientist: Push the story until you get it.
  • Stealth: Shoot all Kerotan’s

26) With All Guns Blazing

Collect all types of weapons.

  • Pistols: MK22, M1911A1, MAKAROV, Type17 Mauser, Colt Revolver
  • SMG: Scorpion, Thompson M1928A1, The Patriot, M63
  • Assault Rifles: AK-47, AMD-65, XM16E1
  • Sniper Rifles: SVD, Mosin-Nagant
  • Heavy: M37 shotgun, Flamethrower, RPG7 Launcher

27) Only Skin Deep

Collect all types of facepaint.

There some facepaints that you might not have in your version of the game or some other ones that are not in this list because of version differences.

No paint, Splitter, Black, Woodland, Mask are default facepaints that Snake will recieve them at the start.

  • Zombie: Rassvet
  • Infinite: Catch and keep the Tsuchinoko alive till the end.
  • Kabuki: Retrieve you items from EVA under the waterfall after the Groznyj Grad escape.
  • Oyama: Granini Gorki Lab ducts
  • Water: Ponizovje South
  • Desert: Ponizovje Warehouse
  • Snow: Bolshaya Past Base

Other Achievements

28) Snake Bit

To poison a guard, there are couple of options. The most common one is throw a poisoned food or plant to an enemy. They will grab it. You can use Poisoned Dart Frog, Fly Agaric and Ural Luminescent plants. You will get the achivement.

29) Snake Eyes

There are some hidden first person cam angles in cutscenes that game is not showing them to you. Press R1 when you see the cutscenes down below.

Note: Those are fantastic side content for seeing the Sorrow carachter that you cannot interract with him until his boss fight.

  • Snake’s holo jump at the virtuoso mission beginning
  • After Curing the Snake in virtuoso mission
  • Beginning of the Operation Snake Eater, when you meet with the Boss
  • After Ocelot leaves the area in the cutscene that Volgin kills Granin
  • After you kill Volgin in the final Shagohod/Volgin fight
  • After you kill the Boss and her horse aproaches to the area
  • At the end of the game, when president shakes Snake’s hand (also another achivement)
  • When Snake is at the grave of the Boss and he cries.

30) Just Because

You can find a TNT in the same room that you find the AK47. Plant the TNT to one of those ammunition cabins in the game that you will find guns or ammo. Then trigger it. You will get the achivement.

31) Like He Just Doesn’t Care

For holding and enemy, press and hold the Circle/B.

32) Close Shave

While you are holding an enemy, press Triangle/Y and slit his throat.

33) Mama Said

While you are holding an enemy, move the left analog anywhere to throw the enemy.

34) Tell Me Where the Bomb Is

You need a knife equipped for this one. Press Circle/B to grab an enemy. Press L3/Left analog downwards to interrogate.

35) Fit for a King

Infinity face paint is an item that you can obtain with 2 different ways.

  • Catch the Tsuchinoko and keep it alive to get the tsuchinoko rank.
  • Get one of the Foxhound, Fox, Hound ranks.

36) Under the Radar

Stealth camo is an item that you can obtain with 2 different ways.

  • Shoot all Kerotan’s
  • Finish the game without an alert

37) The Coast is Clear

Play the game as stealth as possible and do not get caught other than scripted parts of the game that you need to alert enemies.

38) Peace Walker

Finish the game without killing anyone. Use your stungun as much as possible. To get the Achivement 32, you have to kill someone. So make sure you get it first and go back to your previous save.


Get Foxhound rank. To achive this you need to do those things: 0 special item uses, 0 kills, 0 alerts, 0 life medicine uses, 0 continues, under 10 lifebars of damage taken, less than 25 game saves and finish the game under 5 hours.

Good luck!

40) Ralph Called

To get this achivement, you need to make Snake puke. I got it in the first Volgin fight. Snaked puked due to electric overdose. Let Volgin hit you until you get the achivement. I am pretty sure you can it with eating some rotten food too.

41) Cover-to-Cover Solid 3: Book Eater

Read or scroll all the screenplay book pages. You can find it on the main menu of the game.

42) Like a Boss

Finish the game. You will get the achivement naturally at the end.

43) Can I Keep It?

Use your stun gun and shoot an animal. That way you do not kill it and grab the loot.

44) I Can Totally See You

There are couple combinations that makes you reach %90. Woodland facepaint and Leaf Camo in the right type of area is one of them. But you will get this eventually in your playthrough with any of the combinations that works.

45) A Good Man is Hard to Find

Only way to reach %100 is Moss Camo and Woodland facepaint combination on grass. Woodland facepaint is default but to get the Moss camo, check the achivement 12.

46) Mostly Dead

Use the fake death pill in your inventory. You will die but you will get the achivement. You can use the revival pill after you die in the death menu and revive yourself.

47) Don’t Touch the Sides

After you get a hit with a gun in the game, open the cure menu and use the knife to remove the bullet.

48) Tune-In Tokyo

Frequencies depends on the difficulty. You can interrogate an enemy to learn those frequencies as well with a CQC supported weapon. But here are all of them;

  • Very Easy/Easy: 140.01, 140.52, 141.24, 142.94, 144.06, 147.08, 147.59, 149.53
  • Normal: 148.39, 146.65, 148.96, 144.86, 143.32, 145.83, 142.09, 141.85
  • Hard: 147.96, 141.59, 143.83, 144.25, 143.97, 146.07, 145.72, 144.63
  • Extreme/Euro Extreme: 146.45, 148.66, 140.16, 148.78, 142.42, 141.42, 145.18, 149.39

49) Serenity Now

Call one of the frequencies in the previous achivement related to your difficulty.

50) Beekeper

Shoot a bee hive in the game when an enemy is around it. You will get the achivement. Easiest and closest one is at the beginning of the game, once you reach the bridge area there is a bee hive on top a tree that the game tries to show it in a cutscene anyways.

51) Snake Eater

Eat a snake of any type.

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