METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN – [Extreme] Code Talker: Easiest Way to S-Rank + Foxhound + All Tasks


This guide will walkthrough what I considered the easiest way to S-Rank + Foxhound + All tasks [EXTREME] Code Talker.

The photo is of my first successful run of this challenge, which I only got a photo of the end-of-mission ranking.

The Pre-mission Provision

Character & Outfits

During my first successful run, I played as Snake wearing Bandana & Woodland Fleck. – Snake & Bandana do not offer any particularly significant benefit, Woodland Fleck & other greenery camo could be useful due to the nature of the Lufwa Valley.

However, I would recommend you to play as a DD member with the Climber for the crawling speed buff and don rock camo to prepare for the Skulls fight.

Wear the Parasite Suit and equip Mist Cartridges to make rescuing Code Talker a literal walk in the park.


I did not use any Buddies during my run.

  • D-Horse could be used to reduce the time traveling between objectives.
  • D-Dog is the wall-hack cheat for the mansion-infiltration and sequence after meeting up with Code Talker.
  • Quiet would just get one-shot by the Skulls.
  • D-Walker gets stuck on terrains.


Only bring the bare essentials, to minimize the chances of fat-fingering, I have screwed up during my Skulls fight 1 or 2 time due to accidentally equipping the Box, so unfortunately, leave the box behind.

NVG makes spotting the Skulls so much easier.

I did not use Noctocyanin, but I would be exceptionally useful after you meet up with old timer Code Talker.

Supporting Weapons

On my run, I used no supporting weapons.

However, Sleep Grenades and Smoke Grenades could render the sequence after meeting up with Code Talker trivial.

Decoys could help as distractions during the respective sequence, but also during the Skulls fight.

Secondary Weapons

Play as Snake and equip the Level. 3 Stun Arm to make escaping the mansion after meeting up with Code Talker easy.

Equip a Tranq pistol of choice, as a work-around for not having the Stun Arm to escape the mansion.

Primary Weapons

The first slot does not matter, but I would recommend equipping the Fakel GL – Sleep Grenade conversion as a Stun Arm alternative to easily escape the mansion.

The second is a must-have, the Brennan Suppressed. This bad boy would fire 15 shots before the suppressor breaks, so make them count during the Skulls fight.

If you cannot develop the Brennan Suppressed, a suppressed lethal sniper rifle works just adequately, you would just have to take much much longer with lower margin for errors.

Deployment Time


The Mission: Skulls Fight

Run like hell on the high ground until you meet what-would-become-a-very-familiar-rock and trigger the fight.

Prone low and shimmer around the rock, mark the nearest Skulls.

Tactical roll away from the Skulls until you only see 2 lasers scanning the area.

The Skulls A.I. only become active from a certain distance, doing this make the fight easier by letting you engage only 2 Skulls at a time, instead of taking on 4 Skulls tracking you.

Pick 2 sniping points that fit these requirements:

  • Blocked in the middle by a rock that cover your re-positioning, either through crawling or crouch-walking.
  • Allow line of sight to the marked Skulls.

Time to take your first shot:

Each Skulls take 3 Brennan headshots to deplete her health bar, so all 4 take 12; you have 15 suppressed Brennan shots, make them count. Make sure to aim a tad bit above their heads to compensate for the bullet drop.

Before each shot, wait for the Skulls laser to hover far from you.

After each shot, immediately re-position to your second sniping point. Before taking your next shot, wait for the Skulls laser to hover far from you again; the lasers do not get fixed to your last position, they hover around it. So use the NVG to quickly mark your next target and take a shot.

Repeat until the first 2 Skulls are down. Crawl closer until the other 2 lasers appear, pick 2 new sniping points.

If you had equipped the Decoys, throw them as far away from you as possible, and while the Skulls are occupied with the decoys, sneak in a few headshots.

Congratulations, you have beaten the Skulls in a sniper fight, Quiet at home is impressed, run into the forest and Fulton extract the knocked down Skulls.

The Mission: Mansion Infiltration

You have beaten the Skulls quietly without they ever seeing you, hence raising no alerts and the mansion guards are calm.

There is no search lights in the morning, so run up the hill and sneak to the back door of the mansion.

Throw an empty mag to distract the back door guards, walk slowly into the mansion and descend down the wine cellar while Miller compliments you for being a master of stealth that you are.

Have a smoke with old man Code Talker.

The Mission: Rescue the Oldman

Walk up the wine cellar, put Code Talker down near the crates.

Escaping from the backdoor

  • Charge the Lvl. 3 Stun Arm the strike thunderous might upon the mansion guards.
  • Dislocate your arm joints to call the 2 backdoor guards into the mansion, bounce a sleep grenade or use the Fakel Sleep Grenade to put them down.
  • Call the back door guards in, go up the stairs and hide behind the railings, wait until they turn their back to get out, shoot their legs with a tranq pistol. If the second guards refuse to go in, tranq his friend leg, then call him in and smack his head against the mansion wall.

Now carry Code Talker out of the mansion, from the bottom of the hill, mark as many uphill guards as possible.

Go to the grave near the mansion, press F to pay respect to your fallen men.

Time to ascend the hill.

Take the rivers path to minimize suspicion, wait for the nearby guards to go as far away from you as possible and turn their sights from you to take you next step.

You could use the rocks near the rivers to sit still and study the guard patrol routes if you need to.

Alternatively, spam sleep grenade and smoke grenade everywhere to clear a path through the guards.

If you had wore the Parasite Suit, just pop a Mist Cartridge here and put on NVG, the guards should not see you walking around with an old man on your shoulders because their sight detection range is now reduced to 8m.

Congratulations, you have escaped the guards, call in Pequod and put the old timer on the chopper.

Your business here at Lufwa is not done yet, run back to the bridge where the tank is, you should see it on your way escaping.

Tactical roll to get near the tank, you would not even need to knock out the guard next to it to extract it, attach a balloon to the tank and witness the utter wonder of the MGSV A.I.. Tactical roll away from the guard and run back to Pequod.

You have successfully completed an “S-Rank + Foxhound + All tasks” run on [EXTREME] Code Talker.

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