Midnight Witch – All 4 Endings Guide

All 4 Endings Guide (Spoilers Obviously)

  1. Run to Emma when she gets stabbed.
  2. When Evelyin asks if you want to remember the truth, you can tell her you just want to die.

Note: You can’t save again beyond this point so do so now and just fast forward to get a different ending.

To access the last 2 endings, tell Evelyin that you want to know the truth. At the very end, when the alternate reality starts fading to white and Eva says she will sacrifice herself to save you, you can:

  1. Sacrifice yourself instead. Eva will wake up in the hospital and be the sole survivor of the accident.
  2. Do nothing. MC wakes up and is the sole survivor instead.

P.S. I don’t know how to get different results during the personality test, nor am I sure if they give you access to different endings, which is very unlikely.

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