Momodora: Moonlit Farewell – All Fish

A list of all the fish I’ve found in Momodora: Moonlit Farewell, every fish in the game can be caught in any fishing spot.

Types of Fish!


  • Anchovy – 1 Lunar Crystal
  • Tadpole – 1 Lunar Crystal
  • Carp – 3 Lunar Crystals
  • Coral crab – 5 Lunar Crystals
  • Turtle – 6 Lunar Crystals


  • Catfish – 25 Lunar Crystals
  • Tuna – 41 Lunar Crystals
  • Supreme Turtle – 40 Lunar Crystals
  • Crescent Carp – 45 Lunar Crystals


  • Moon Jellyfish – 500 Lunar Crystals
  • Coelacanth – 1000 Lunar Crystals (Fairy village)

Rough Rarity Odds

Commons appear in 77% of catches.

Uncommons appear in 18% of catches.

Rares appear in 5% of catches.

The sample size was only 100, so expect some minor differences with your own results (working on expanding the sample size)

After equipping the luck sigil I did another 100, so expect these to be rough percentages.

Common appear in 75% of catches.

Uncommon appear in 22% of catches.

Rare appear in 3% of catches.

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