Mortal Kombat 1 – Farm XP / Seasonal Credits, Coins and Crowns

Detailed guide on how to farm XP / Seasonal Credits, Coins and Crowns.


This guide is about how you can upgrade your character in a quick way.

Earn Crowns and Seasonal Coins

What we need:

  • Mortal Kombat 1
  • Patience

Character Upgrade

The first thing we need is to upgrade the character. To do this, you need Crowns.

Where can I get Crowns?

They can only be obtained in Invasion mode.

  1. Pass the tests
  2. Win battles
  3. Look for chests

Fast Upgrade

In order to quickly pump up, you need a Dragon Horn – 3,000 Crowns.

It gives you 100 XP to upgrade.

It can be bought at Wu Shi Academy:

You need to buy this horn 4 times.

After activation, you will get a lot of leveling points.

Spending points

After receiving leveling points, we spend all points on the Attack.

This is about the picture you should get:

In this way we will inflict enormous damage on enemies.

In one hit, you can completely defeat the enemy.


We move to another island Fengjian Village.

  1. We go to the beginning, to the Triple Threat test – 3 enemies

Hint: To the left of this test, there is a store with a collector.

  1. Run the test and kill 3 enemies with the combination:
  • Keyboard: S + I
  • Dualsenses: ↓ + ▲
  • Xbox: ↓ + Y
  • On the last enemy, use the Brutality Classic

Game Outcome

  • Clean win + Brutality = 400 Coins | 300 Seasonal Coins | 110 Crowns
  • Clean Victory = 350 Coins | 250 Seasonal Coins | 100 Crowns
  • Dirty Victory + Brutality = 150 Coins | 150 Seasonal Coins | 100 Crowns
  • Dirty Victory = 150 Coins | 150 Seasonal Coins | 100 Crowns
Created by SapTork

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