Mortal Online 2 – How to Stop MO2 Starting in VR Mode

Tired of game starting in VR because you play other VR games and it is annoying? Here is the solution.

Stop MO2 Starting in VR Mode


Starting Mortal Online 2 also starts SteamVR. It is only a problem if you have a VR headset and play VR games because if you shut down SteamVR then the game will also be exited. Alternatively this solution is also useful for perfectionists. Otherwise, Steam will count this game’s hours towards the most played VR game on your account for the Year’s End summary.

The Fix

Step 1. Go over to your game install folder which is normally under where your Steam is and proceed via the following path:

  • steam\steamapps\common\Mortal Online 2\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\OpenXR\win64

Step 2. Once inside win64 folder rename the openxr_loader.dll to openxr_loader.dll.bak

By either right clicking the file and choosing rename or double left clicking on the filename.

Step 3. Enjoy.

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