MultiVersus – How to Play Online

After this guide, the image is gonna be you (probably).

Guide to Play Online


This method will (probably) only work on Windows, as that is the platform i’m on. Sorry mac or playstation players, but you’re out of luck.


  1. Press the windows button and type in “%APPDATA%”.
  2. Click on the folder that pops up.
  3. Go back into the original AppData folder (press the up arrow at the top).
  4. Go into the Local folder.
  5. Scroll down until you see a folder named “MultiVersus”.
  6. Then click on the “Saved” folder.
  7. Once in the folder, click on “SavedGames” and delete everything in the folder.

Note that this will delete your progress, but since you’re stuck in offline it shouldnt matter.

Electric Boogaloo

Ok, so after deleting everything, boot up the game and select your age as over 22 to be safe. Now you can play online! Congrats! Have fun beating up Tom and Jerry mains.

Created by Mr McKong

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