NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD – Follower/Stat-Based Ending Guide

I made this guide for myself as a way to organize all of the specific follower/stats-based endings in the game.

Guide to Follower/Stat-Based Ending


There are definitely more endings that depend on what streams you do and other specific actions, but this will cover how to attain several that are gained by reaching a certain follower count, stress level, affection level, and mental darkness level.

Ending Chart

The attached chat is an organized graphic of all the stats needed to achieve the specified ending! I created it in an attempt to get rid of the overwhelming feeling from all of the different/specific ones needed for each end. I should note that you have to reach Day 30 for most, if not all, of them.

Good luck to all of everyone else trying to reach 100% achievement-wise!

Created by xoxostardust

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