NervBox – How to Make ODM Gear from Attack on Titan

How to make ODM gear that (kinda) works.

Guide to Make ODM Gear


These are the materials you need in order to make the ODM Gear:

  • 2x Swords
  • 2x Grappling Guns
  • 1x Weld Gun

How to Put It Together

  • First stage: lay down the grappling guns facing each other.
  • Second stage: take one of the swords and place it on one of the grappling guns, I suggest making the sheaf of the sword align with the slider of the grappling gun.
  • Third stage: take the weld gun and weld the sword to the grappling gun.
  • Fourth stage: repeat the second and third stage on the other grappling gun.
  • Fifth stage: grab the grappling guns one in each hand, and use them like normal, but they will work like ODM Gear.
Created by Void_wil

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