Ninja Midori – Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Shurikens rhymes with achievements.

Complete Walkthrough with Achievements


Throw your first shuriken by pressing Z.

Throw Shuriken

  • Throw your Shuriken

Complete the 1st level.

Beat Level 1

  • You beat the first level

Complete the 5th level.

Beat World 1

  • Complete all levels in world 1

Complete the 10th level.

Beat World 2

  • Complete all levels in world 2

Complete the 12nd level.

Froggy Nightmare

  • Complete the level full of orange frogs

At the end of the last level, you’ll find Akuma, a fireball launcher. If you tried to kill him, know that you are not alone. You don’t need to defeat him, at least not directly. Continue along the path by jumping over him to see what happens.

Defeat Akuma

  • Defeat Akuma in the final level

Following the guide of the achievement above, you’re free to laugh now.

Silly Dragon

  • Meet Akuma’s Dragon

Passing through Akuma, you will automatically enter the space where the princess was trapped and you can pride yourself on being a hero of the ninjas.

Resuce Princess Sera

  • You rescued Princess Sera

For completing the 15th and final level as well.

Beat World 3

  • Complete all levels in world 3
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