Nova Drift – Deadly Leviathan Builds Guide

The leviathan can do deadly combos, if done right.

Guide to Deadly Leviathan Builds

The Leviathan

The leviathan is a rank 60 body that many consider unusable or weak, but that is not the case! The leviathan is a crash damage body, with tons of segments dealing damage, each. This body has a heavy reduction to received damage, except the the head. Many things you can do with leviathan will shred your shield. Shield radius only applies to the head, unlike the rest of the shield. Blink will let you grind your whole body into an enemy!

Ripper Zipper

The ripper zipper is a build that blinks through it’s foes to slice them open by using the segments to rapidly deal crash damage.

  • Improved thrusters>Deadly Trail>Blink The whole build relies on blink, while deadly trail is for extra damage after cutting through an enemy.
  • Hidden Power This is for global damage and other benefits.
  • Regen>Rapid Reconstruction This removes your shield, but improves your hull and regen so you can tank more damage.
  • The Improved Hull Tree This helps you deal more crash damage and take far less.
  • Kinetic Boost is for the damage boost at high speeds.
  • Ataraxia will give you a spectacular speed, if you have 20 upgrades. Draft mode reccomended.
  • An optional choice is Rampage in case you are on wild metamorphosis mode. This is to boost your speed and health.


Blow your enemies out of existence with the unexistinator! Simply charge it up with enemy attacks for a while, then blow rows of foes, even bosses, out of existence! This build could work on any body, but the leviathan can tank more damage than anything else!

  • Your weapon must be the railgun, due to the high damage output and speed related damage increase.
  • The whole snipe tree is needed for tons of extra damage and burn damage, due to the speed scaling of the railgun and high build damage output.
  • Rancor super modifier is the whole basis of the build, don’t wast a point split shot, as the projectile will pierce your foe and fly of screen.
  • Get adrenaline using rapid reconstruction, to tank more damage.
  • Get homing strike but nothing else from the homing tree, other than the base mod.
  • Antimatter rounds make your blast unexistenate enemy projectiles!
  • Warp strike is an option, if you want extra hits and are willing to take the warp damage.
  • Ricochet helps for you to hit extra targets if your shot doesn’t instakill an enemy.
  • Mastery is good for it’s small boost to many stats.

Rainbow Beam

If you find the unexistinator slow, try the rainbow beam for similar results, but faster.

  • Railgun for beams.
  • Ataraxia Using draft mode, keep above 20 upgrades.
  • Siege weaponry for fire rate.
  • Barrage uses Ataraxia and siege to form a megabeam.
  • Take Snipe to increase your damage.
  • Fusillade is good for increased beam count.
  • These are the only needed upgrades, the rest is your choice.
  • Additionally, using mastery is helpful.

Extra Strategy

If the scion is spawning, you can enter the summon circle and spin a bit. This will get your segments in, and then instantly destroy the Scion, however it is risky so only use with a good crash resistance, rapid reconstruction, or an otherwise high health.

You can also use the scion orbs to whip your tail and deal tons of damage. If you have projectiles heading towards your head, you can block them with the segments by turning your head. Thermal lance is great with leviathan to get it to a high level!

The Glaucus makes you look small, but a good build makes it weak by comparison. You can use the fins to align yourself with the Glaucus, if you have high health. Enemies will target your head, but this has advantages. Swords are good for head protection. Through use of blink, you can replicate the effects of scion orb locks by blinking into them. This works on the Warbringer and likely also the Glaucus.

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