Aliens: Dark Descent – Fix for Archivist and Recouped Investment Achievements

I managed to get these achievements by downgrading the version of the game. I used version from 22 june 2023 to do so, maybe it will work with a more recent version but for sure it’s definitely not the case with ng+ patch from 26 october 2023. You can use steamdb if you want another version.

Archivist and Recouped Investment Achievements Fixing Guide

1 – Disable Auto Updates

  • Right-click on the game in your steam library.
  • Properties, then Updates.
  • Change Always keep this game updated to Only update this game when I launch

2 – Open Steam Console

Use Run command on windows ( Win+R ) and type: steam://open/console

3 – Download Downgraded Game Version (22 June 2023)

Exe (25Mo)

In steam Console paste:

download_depot 1150440 1150443 8454472901945336294

Base game (25Go)

In steam Console paste:

download_depot 1150440 1150441 6750594674853169274

It may take time depending on your connection.

Go to your download location, it should be in:

  • ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps\content\app_1150440

Keep it Open for later.

4 – Replace Game Files

Go to Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common.

If you have enough storage space, rename your current AliensDarkDescent to _AliensDarkDescent so you can quickly revert back to your more recent game update later.

Create a new AliensDarkDescent folder and paste your downgraded version from:

  • Program Files\Steam\steamapps\content\app_1150440

You can check between AliensDarkDescent and _AliensDarkDescent if files matches.

5 – Good Luck!

I used a previous save from mission 2 of the current patch to check if recouped investment achievement worked and it did! So I continued to the end and collected all datapads and get achivist achievement.

So maybe if you are currently on the last mission before picking up the last datapads, it will work for you too.

Created by Arymes

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