ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 – Character Skills Guide

Character skills book, listed which played thought the skills own by the heroes.

Guide to Character Skills


There are tons of terrible and weak that really came to the word”pointless”, so I played thought it and unlock some or all skills from the character, most of the weak skills are in first default skills when the character first unlocked.

Common Skills

There only 2 common skills really come in handy, others are you personal preference.

  • Hero’s strength (x2 damage 30 sec)
  • Hero’s physique (x2 defense 30 sec)

Small Tips

  • Attack are the key to survived, so every new hero you may want to maximum as many attack points as you could, other thing like defensive and stamina could wait.
  • Tap out the power-up when finish the fight with heroes so you won’t wasted it.
  • Lock the enemy as you need to solo take down target (key:e), you could stay don’t locking if there battlefield too chaos for you
  • A lot of hero enemy would in “red cloud” which he are in hardcore mode attack not just hurt double and hardness as hell, most of time you don’t priority them cause they won’t be key mission to achieved.
  • When enemy hero are in defense mode, that didn’t meaning you deal no damage to them which they only take HP damage in this mode, in another word you could dash out tons of HP damage when they in defense mode, it kind of risk though.
  • The best mission thought whole game(Grand line): A fight for the throne.

Main Recommend Skills

Each character skills

I only listed recommend skills if I didn’t unlocked all skills in this character in early, the each skill compare and analysis would take tons of times to do it though.

I would list a little bit note in each character section if possible and I won’t didn’t place characters in order, only list out by how I playing and jump between characters in early to later, this list are not force you doing anything so do as you wish.

The skills type

  • Straight lane and deal large damage
  • Hits many times deal little damage
  • Dash to a direct and deal keeping damage
  • Aoe area around yourself
  • Grab the enemy and throw
  • Effect skill (like area slow)
  • Recover skill (hp recover)


  • 1 star Ama (the best 1 star skill thought out the whole game)
  • 2 star Ama no murakumo sword
  • 4 star Sacred yata mirror


  • 2 star Impossible feat
  • 3 star Mighty warrior
  • 4 star All or nothing


  • 3 star Flame fence
  • 3 star Fire fist
  • 4 star Fire pillar flame prison


  • 3 star charming demon sleepless night onigiri
  • 3 star three-sword style purgatory onigiri
  • 4 star demon aura nine-sword style auras silver mist.
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