Brawlhalla – KO in Less than 10 Seconds with Raptor!

Raptor nsig is funny… very funny. Here’s a little 3 point KO option especially effective in 2v2s and bronze-silver.

The Character

Raptor is Raptor. and therefore, the raptor must hunt. use strength stance on Raptor for the best results.

The KO

The Combo (Old Faithful): down light, side air (held), Gravity cancel neutral sig.

This combo will work at just about any rank under the right circumstances. However, it isn’t true by any means. Using it, I found it most effective in ranked 2’s bronze-silver and ranked 1’s in just about any rank, but especially bronze. (I’m in plat and am still able to land it every once in a while)

Old Faithful only works if they jump or dodge up. However, it’s hilarious when it lands. it works on just about any smaller map, but it’s necessary to have the opponent at 50+ damage and they need to be close to the edge.

Videos of me using it in training mode.

#1 Is Dash Up

#2 Is Jump Up

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