Out There: Ω Edition – Orange Mission Guide

Completing the orange mission and getting all related achievements.


Note: Credit goes to Jade

This new mission is quite simple, but people keep asking questions, and old guides have not been updated, so maybe someone will find this one useful.

The guide is for people who are quite familiar with the game, so if you need tactical/survival advices, please refer to the other guides.

Acquiring the Mission

Sometimes when you land on a rocky planet, you can meet an alien who wants to board your ship. Just transfer an alien to your inventory. You will see a new marker of this alien race appearing on the galaxy map. Follow this marker and drop the alien off on a garden planet.

Bring back an alien on its homeworld

After that, if you pick another alien up and visit their homeworld, they will lead you to the cathedral. An alien won’t land on their planet, they will stay on your ship. You will see an orange marker on the galaxy map. That’s how the orange mission begins.

The Cathedral
Find the cathedral

Completing the Mission

By following the orange marker you will find a system with only one ship. This ship has 4 seats, and one of them will be immediately taken by an alien that you’re transporting. If you lost your passanger somehow – no worries, any other alien will do.

To complete the mission, you need to continue picking aliens up from rocky planets and bring them to the orange marker instead of their homeworlds. They will be taking vacant seats. Please note that you need 4 different alien races.

It’s not necessary to bring aliens one by one. You can gather all of them and bring them to the orange marker at once.

The Alliance
You have gathered the interstellar alliance

A Yellow Ship

A new ship has been added to the game. There’s an achievement for finding it:

Find a yellow ship

This ship is quite rare. You can easily miss it while completing the orange mission. But it becomes available for a new game as a reward for completing the orange mission. So if you’ve already completed the mission but did not find it, try to turn the “Cemetery Gates” setting on, start a new game with this ship, fail and then try to find this ship in another new game.

Finding 30 Alien Races

There’re new alien races and a new achievement for finding them:

A big, big world
You met with 30 alien races

The achievement for finding 20 alien races was hard enough, and now 10 more races are required. Even if you already have this achievement, it won’t count because you need to find 30 races in a single walkthrough.

It’s very unlikely that you will find all of them even by visiting each planet in every system.

To get this achievement, you need the “Life Seed” technology and a lot of Omega. It would be great if you filled the whole inventory cell with 20 Omega items.

Search for the technology, land on garden and rocky planets. Pick aliens up from the rocky planets and drop them off on their homeworlds – they can reward you with up to 5 Omega items.

After building the “Life Seed” and gathering enough Omega, start to terraform rocky planets. Right after you terraform a planet, land on it to find out which alien race lives there.

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