Overwatch 2 – Beginners Tips

The first time of the game is always the hardest, but this can be easily solved with knowledge.

Newbies Tips

Note: Credit goes to Dmitry

Basic Tips That Will Definitely Help

  1. Don’t be afraid to jump from tall buildings, because there is no fall damage in the game. But if you jump off the edge of the map or into the water, you will die.
  2. Before the game, read the dossiers of all the characters, just know your enemy better.
  3. Run away from the red dragon (very damaging), don’t be afraid of the blue dragon
  4. Always try to deal damage because this speeds up the accumulation of the Ultimate Ability
  5. When you see snipers or an enemy who is especially dangerous at medium distance or further (the one with a rifle), start jumping from side to side and crouching, this way you increase the chance of survival
  6. First of all, kill the healers, because of them the Tank class becomes unkillable!
  7. For beginners, it’s best to start playing as the Tank class, as they have MANY times more health than others, so you’ll get the hang of the game much better.
  8. When you are attacked by a fast hero next to you, it is best to hit him in melee, because the spread of a melee hit is wider (that is, there is a chance of hitting the enemy even without looking at him!) than the aim of a weapon.
  9. It’s better to study the map in advance to know where all the healing items are located.
  10. Some architectural objects may be destroyed, for example, most often the railings near the stairs may be destroyed, it is better not to hide behind them.
  11. Be unexpected sometimes, choose a different route to the point, because a sudden attack can change the course of the battle.
  12. Always tell where the enemy is by simply clicking on the mouse wheel on him.
  13. Some heroes can reflect attacks (damage against them does not work during reflection), for example, Orisa has this ability (quickly twirls a stick in front of him), Genji (quickly waves his arms in front of him), but these are the most popular heroes, there are others…
  14. Be careful and be more friendly in chat or voice chat (especially when you are overextended), because the system checks foul language and may punish you.
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