Pacify – Headquarters Mission Guide

This guide is for the new mission, Headquarters. Since there is virtually no info available I decided to make my own.

Guide to Headquarters Mission

Note: Credit goes to Raptvre

There are minor spoilers in this guide, so if you want to discover this mission yourself you should read with caution.

The Map

Lower Floor


These are the steps for a main ending win on Mission: Headquarters.

  1. Enter the Supply Room and get batteries and items.
  2. Power hatch, and drop down to the main area.
  3. Maintain door battery levels.
  4. Re-power Lesser Containment Unit.
  5. Continue maintaining door battery levels.
  6. Once Shag escapes, blast him x5 with the Disruptor beams.
  7. Re-power LCU.
  8. Once Cursed Dolls are released into the map, quickly burn them all while managing all the monsters they set free.
  9. Once all the dolls are dealt with, Agnes will scream loudly. This revives the Shag entity, so if you’re near the body when you hear it, run away quickly. Hit it x5 with a Disruptor again to kill it.
  10. Once the entity is dead, re-trap all monsters to win. If the game isn’t ending, double check that all monsters are behind the second set of bars, not just the outside doors.

Useful Tips

  • If a battery is lower, but you don’t want to wait for it to run out, you can open and close the outer door to rapidly deplete it. This allows you to replace batteries faster, so you can cover more area.
  • Some batteries can be found along the walls near the containment units. Before the game picks up speed, replace these with fully charged batteries, so you have some closer batteries when you don’t have time to run all the way to the charger.
  • When the Lesser Containment Unit malfunctions, wait until both batteries are drained fully before replacing them.
  • You can peek down a hall and see 2 green lights if the batteries are still powered. This lets you find a depleted battery without having to run down the whole hall.
  • You can drop some items down by the battery chargers or incinerator to prepare for when multiple monsters get freed, so you don’t have to go as far to restock. This is a vital step for Singleplayer. The default button on Keyboard is scroll wheel.
  • Disruptors pull power from the containment unit batteries (1-8). I don’t know the exact percent, but it seems to be around 25-50% of one battery. Be sparing when using the lasers, because it can quickly deplete the batteries of the entire lane.
  • During the cursed doll chaos section, I recommend keeping the closest two units (1 and 5) powered with fresh batteries to deal with all the escaped monsters that will attack you while dealing with the dolls. Any further units will have to be powered later to prioritize dealing with the dolls, but you need some power for the Disruptors to work. It’s a balancing act.
  • If you hit tab, you can see how many cursed dolls you have left to burn. If you’re struggling to find the last one, check Emilia’s original containment unit (4), the doll on the table counts.


Power it up
Place a charged battery in a battery socket.

You’ll get this as soon as you put a battery in a socket. There’s one as soon as you exit the elevator at the start.

Charge it
Charge a battery to full.

The first battery charger you can access is in the Supply Room. Go down the main hall from the start, and take the second to last left. The charger is just to the left of the door, and there is a wall of batteries on the right. Just put one in and wait until it hits 100.

Bull’s Eye
Get a bullseye on the dart board.

The dartboard can be found in the Break Room. It is the second door on the right from spawn, and requires a battery to open. My only tip for hitting a bullseye is aim high.

Creepy Experience
Solve the haunted simulation.

The Haunted Sim is the last door on the right from spawn, and requires a battery to get in. Once you enter, you can’t leave until you ‘solve’ it. Your goal is to get to the door with the stairs. It is always open, as the actual door is off the hinges, and leaning against the wall next to it. The smoking entity will randomly teleport you to other rooms when you run into it, so wait for it to pass you towards spawn while hiding in a side room, then run deeper into the house. Once down there, pass through the mirror. Walk on top of the burning person in a crib, and you have solved it, and can freely leave now.

Get back in there!
Power the Lesser Containment Unit.

At a certain point keeping the batteries maintained, the batteries of the LCU will malfunction, and quickly deplete. replace them with fresh batteries for this achievement to pop.

Note: I did this in singleplayer, because it seems like some achievements only go to the host in multiplayer.

Don’t Do That
Let a monster out of its cell, yourself.

This achievement is now working. Simply start a Singleplayer game, and immediately go open the inner doors of a containment unit, and this achievement will pop.

Self Destruct
Run out of time during the self destruct sequence.

This ending involves having too many entities out of their containment. The AI will begin a countdown to self destruction, and all you need to do is not return any monsters to their cells for the timer to run out.

Note: I did this in singleplayer, because it seems like some achievements only go to the host in multiplayer.

You and the entities escape the headquarters.

Play the game as normal until Shag escapes its containment. Then, lead him to the first floor where the Supervisor’s room is. Once the monster is outside the door you will get some unique voice lines from the Supervisor. Once he’s killed, make a run for the exit door (same as where you start), and this achievement will pop. Don’t worry about the monster at this point, he will also just be running for the exit.

Note: I did this in singleplayer, because it seems like some achievements only go to the host in multiplayer.

You Can Do It!
Take on the Headquarters during the power outage all by yourself.

This achievement involves getting the good ending in singleplayer. You must keep entities contained, kill Shag, burn all the cursed dolls, deal with the next entity, re-contain all entities again, then you’ll win. It’s definitely not an easy mission to solo.

Welcome to PAH HQ
Help at the headquarters during the power outage in cooperative mode.

This achievement involves getting the good ending in multiplayer. The same steps apply as in singleplayer. This achievement worked in multiplayer without being the host.

Don’t get hurt once, while keeping the headquarters safe.

This achievement involves getting the good ending in either single or multiplayer, but without getting attacked by an entity. This means you can use items. But, if a monster attacks you without their respective item in your inventory, and makes you have to go through decontamination to interact with things again, then you lost your chance at this achievement for this game.

Keep your items stocked so when entities escape, they eat the items instead of damaging you, and make sure you play around where the disruptors are. This is easier done in multiplayer. You don’t have to be the multiplayer host to get this one.

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