BlazBlue Entropy Effect – How to Play Hakumen

A guide on how to play as Hakumen.

The White Void Hakumen


Hakumen was the reason I bought this game, so I’ve been playing him a lot. I was never a big fan of him in the main series, but in this game, he’s really fun to play. The parry move is incredibly powerful, and with the right potentials, this character can become unstoppable.


  • Great Health
  • Big Damage
  • Easy to Play

One downside of Hakumen, aside from his slowness, is that if you build him incorrectly, you will struggle significantly against bosses.

That being said, I believe that Hakumen is an excellent character choice for beginners. He has high damage output and health right from the start, along with a powerful parry.

Early Game and Evotypes

Let start with the basic kit.

  • Basic Attack and Heavy Attack: Hakumen’s basic attacks are not fancy. In the early stages, you will want to repeatedly use heavy attacks to maximize your damage output.
  • Evotypes: I usually get Kokonoe and λ-No.11. Both Kokonoe’s and λ-No.11 legacy skills are excellent for Hakumen since his air to air is terrible, also λ-No.11 as a perk that allows life regain within a small frame after taking damage witch is great for our boy Hakumen

Potentials and Tactics

Regarding the potentials, there is only one route that I can confirm will work.


  • Shiden: [Down + Dash] to use [Blink], this potential is the core of the build.
  • Triple Dash: Give you 3 dashes, with that you can use the Shiden more often.
  • Isaha (Shield): While dashing you become imune do damage, you become imune to damage while doing the Shiden.
  • Isaha (Far): Dashes take you across a longer distance, your Shiden can take you across a longer distance.
  • Kokuujin Yukikaze [Recur]: Your skills are now [Blink], they do damage multiple times and the enemies you hit are immobilized for a longer time, your parry and Shiden do more damage with this potential unlocked.
  • Sekka: [Heavy Strike] is now [Blink], your heavy strikes do more damage when combined with Kokuujin Yukikaze.

Fun Potentials

  • Yanagi: [Basic Attack * Dash] You can grab an enemy and smash it to the ground, it doesn’t work with bosses but its pretty fun to use, you can throw loop enemies with it.
  • Kokuujin Jinrai: [Down + Skill] Upon blocking a hit summons a powerful thunder, this potential is reliant on SP so you can’t use all the time, but its pretty awesome when it lands.
  • Rakurai: After [Double Jump], [Jump] again to dash upward before plunging to the ground, if you come into contact with a enemy, you grab it and smash it to the ground. This is a pretty fun potential to use, you can do some interesting combos with it, sadly doesn’t work on bosses.


When it comes to the Tactics system, you have the freedom to choose whatever you want. However, I personally recommend going for ice since it slows down enemies.


The best strategy is utilizing the potentials to the fullest on the late game and abusing the heavy attack and parry on the early game.

And also don’t forget to have fun.

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