Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Tips for Blackwater Dungeon

Blackwater Dungeon Tips

Blackwater is not really hard it is just a slow, unfun slog. I am not sure how it was before the nerfs as I just got to it. I am playing on core with an optimized balanced party.

There are several problems with multiple things people mention here and it all boils down to the fact that you need to exactly prepare with the weakness of each mob and even those weaknesses are not true weaknesses.

Since they don’t have a uniform weakness, but they come varied it also means that you need to prepare with multiple tactics. It results in ridiculously slow battles as only around 2 party members are useful in fights while the rest are there to fish for 20s and whatnot.

If anyone happens to read this and does not wish to suffer as the OP:

  1. Don’t go there before you hit at least lvl 13
  2. Bring Nenio or someone who can reliably cast mind fog + metric ton of phantasmal killers
  3. Bring electricity damage in abundance
  4. Cast greater invis on your high attack characters
  5. Use touch attack spells with ascended element (if it is also lightning you are golden)
  6. Camellia or equivalent is also decent if you turn her attacks into touch attacks with added benefit of being able to do electricity
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