Pemsa – Full Walktrough (Kelin’s Delivery)

This guide is for the ones that are stuck somewhere in the game and need help.

Chapter I: Finding Shelter

Right after the starting cutscene ends, interact with the cave entrance. Kelin will realise that it is blocked by of a pile of dirt.

Remember that you won’t be able to acess any other areas of the forest before doing this. After doing this. Go left until you find the old house. Most of the events of the game will happen in there. Before knocking on the door, take the bucket and the candle on the top barrel near the well.

After knocking on the door, Kelin notes that it is empty and that she can stay in there for a bit until the rain stops, but it’s really dark inside. Take the matchbox under one of the chairs and the lantern outside again (it cannot be collected before entering the house.) Then, follow the steps (remember that this needs to be done inside or else it won’t work):

  1. Combine the matchbox with the old lantern.
  2. Combine the candle with the empty lantern.
  3. Combine the matchbox with the lantern again.

The house will light up and it will start to rain hard. Before proceeding, put the bucket somewhere where the rain can reach so it’ll fill up.

Chapter II: The Old House

Re-enter the house and check the upper-right door for a note, then use it on front of the sky painting to get another note. Then proceed to the kitchen and use the note on the garbage can to get a key with a blue tag. You can also find a few items, these include the dirty pan, the cooking oil and the noodle pack (how convenient!)

After getting the key, use it on the locked door to unlock it, and then the cooking oil to actually open it. Inside, check the bed for another key, this time with a red tag, and then use the dagger to cut a piece of sheet from it. Use it on the bucket outside.

Use the newly obtained key on the locked trapdoor in the kitchen, inside, you can find the soap, the dirty key and a shovel. (head only)

Use the soap on the bucket outside and then interact with it with all of these items to wash them:

  • Dirty Pan
  • Dirty Bowl
  • Dirty Spoon
  • Dirty Key

Chapter III: Cooking

Go back to the basement and use the bronze key on the locked chest, you’ll find another bucket inside it. Go outside, put it on the rain, go inside and then outside again. Fill the empty bottle with water. Then, combine the dagger with the noodle pack and the seasoning pack with the dagger. After that, go to the kitchen and on the stove, interact with it with these items (in this order):

  1. Pan
  2. Bottled Water
  3. Cooking Oil
  4. Matchbox
  5. Dried Noodle

Kelin will then cook the noodle, after this, put the bowl on the table, the opened seasoning pack on the bowl and then use the strainer on the stove. Put the noodle in the bowl and use the spoon on it (twice)

After Kelin eats the noodle, the rain will stop and she’ll be able to exit the house.

Chapter IV: Cave & Delivery

After eating the noodle and exiting the house, take the shovel near the entrance of the house. Combine it with the shovel head to get a shovel.

Then, go to the entrance of the cave and interact with it with the shovel. Kelin will manage to dig the dirt out of the cave entrance, but the shovel breaks at the end. (R.I.P Shovel) Enter the cave and follow this small map:

Kelin will then reach an old man’s house. Open the fence, knock on the door and interact with the old man with the package.

Congrats! You’ve finished the game!

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