Persona 5 Tactica – Ultimate Strike Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the Ultimate Strike Achievement / Trophy

Note: Credit goes to NecrozAPI

Ultimate Strike
Dealt 2,000 Damage in a single attack.

You do not have to hit a single enemy with a single attack that does 2,000 damage.

When you assault an adversary, it counts every number that is struck. Using Ann’s Hellfire strike late in the game is a solid strategy.

Gather some adversaries, use Ann the runner’s previous ATK boost, then include Ryuji in the group to use his own ATK boost ability. Hellfire’s absurdly large hitbox makes it simple to hit a lot of opponents.

Another good option is Lavenza’s Third Trial since many enemies spawn there. In later enemy waves you will face a lot of enemies in the same times.

Down them to ge a ‘One More’ and spread your team to a huge triangle throughout the map to hit as many as possible with the All-Out Attack for massive numbers.

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