Persona 5 Tactica – Unparalleled Growth Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the Unparalleled Growth Achievement / Trophy

Note: Credit goes to NecrozAPI

Unparalleled Growth
Reach max level.

Max Level in the game is level 99.

On a typical game, you will level up to roughly 80. Replaying Mission 43 with three Personas equipped with a skill that increases experience points is a simple method to go to max level thereafter.

This ability is exclusive to the Dionysus Persona; you can equip Dionysus with a single character then combine Dionysus twice, passing on the ability to each persona so that every member of your party possesses it.

You can finish Mission 43 very quickly with the following method:

  • With Ryuji run straight to the single enemy on the right and use his strongest Persona Skill to them.
  • With Yusuke use Crystal Bloom on the big enemy on the right side of the path in the middle. It will kill him and the other big guy above and push the small enemy there towards the left wall. It will also get rid of the bombs blocking the path.
  • Ann does the rest of the work for this mission. Start with using Hellfire on one of the middle path which will grant you ‘One More’.
  • During ‘One More’ take care of the single enemy in the back right of the map. Killing him will spawn 6 more enemies with it still being your turn.
  • Using Hellfire again you can kill all 4 enemies next to you at the same time
  • After that run around the corner and use Hellfire again to kill the 2 enemies there

With that method you can finish the map in just 6 moves (only 1 turn) and when you have 3 EXP Personas equipped you will gain about 1.5 level-ups, even at level 90+, in just about 2-3 minutes.

Reaching max level doesn’t take very long, but keep in mind you will have to reach level 91 in New Game + anyway to fuse the highest NG+ exclusive Persona. Therefore, it would be most efficient to save the grind until New Game+.

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