Pharaoh Rebirth+ – Secret Boss: Rania Qadesh

Who is Qadesh?

Note: Credit goes to JukePlz

So… who is Rania Qadesh? Well, if you remember properly you should see him mentioned some times throught the game: You can collect a doll relic of him in the Prologue (Amshear), you see a statue of him in the subway, and more importantly he’s said to be the one to originally defeat the Pharaoh, and the father of our friend the legendary tomb robber arqueologist old man Dent.

He is also the protagonist of the prequel to this game, titled Return of Egypt.

So, where is him? Well, Jonathan wonders the same thing at some point in the game, since he should be kicking the pharaoh’s rear but is nowhere to be found. Turns out he was hiding inside Stage 1 (Temple Sect) all along, behind a secret passage leading to his comfy study/house thing. And for that, and absolutely no reward whatsoever we are going to find him and murder him (shall I remind you he’s the father of your friend and saviour hero of Egypt?)

Requirements for the Boss Fight

  • The first step to access the boss fight is to unlock 100% of the relics, that includes the Anubis scepter upgrade, so you have to beat boss rush under 4:00 minutes and pray to the ancient egyptian gods that the game doesn’t bug (killing you) and actually saves. If it does bug you have to run the boss rush again and get it until it actually saves the scepter in your inventory.

    I won’t provide an in-deept walktrought on how to get all the relics, follow the other steam guides that do that, my recommendation for the boss rush mode is to just spam the Fist of Village Destruction move (unlocked by collecting all gold pieces) on the bosses that take the longest to beat, and you won’t have any problem. Those bosses are: Fernando, the Pharaoh (first form), the Pharaoh (second form, cast twice) Using Shabti before engaging the giant scorpion and the ghost-like boss also helps, as Shabti can ORAORAORA the hell out of them during their intro cutscenes, taking most of their HP.
  • The second step is to go to Stage 1 (Temple Sect), to the part of the map shown on the screenshot, then stand still for around 10 seconds. DONT MOVE, just wait and the statue on the left side of the screen will slide revealing a secret passage. Go inside and save game before the boss fight.

The Fight

Since you already have every relic, including the Fist of Village Destruction unlock, this shouldn’t be that much harder to beat than other bosses, just spam 4x the special move, then beat him up with Andre or any consumable items you have remaining if you want. You shouldn’t have much problems if you do that, but here’s some a Youtube video of the fight by Noir:

So after you beat him, what’s your reward? Well, nothing, or almost nothing. You don’t get any new relics, upgrades, weapons or achievements, but you do get a small icon on the bottom right hand side of your inventory to conmemorate your feat:

Congratulations, you horrible person, you beat the legendary hero Qadesh.

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  1. A game that stars Rania’s Qadesh called “Return of Egypt / Return to Egypt: Two Stories” just got found and preserved after nearly being buried. The Publisher was a local Japanese gaming magazine from the 2000’s which is no longer active. They had released the game as an Indie Retro back in the 2000’s.

    The game is on MyAbandonware (should be 50 MB) and is starting to slowly spread. I thought to share this!

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