Pixel Gun 3D – How to Get Currency / Money Fast

How to Earn Currency

There are still many places to earn currency in the game. Hope you find this guide helpful.

How to get currency fast in PG3D:

  • Key ads: When you reach 50 keys (or 10 ads), you can use that for one fighter chest and get up to 50 gems. Also, you can open a novice chest just for watching one ad and get 2-3 gems.
  • Free currency ads: Every 12 hours, you get 30 gems and 45 coins from the free currency area. This adds up to 60 gems a day. There is also an offer at the start of each week, that lasts five days, where you watch 30 ads and can get up to 150 gems, 185 coins, and 100 pixel pass tickets.
  • Pixel pass Skin chests: Once you reach tier 69 on the pixel pass, you can open a skin chest every 600 crowns. You have a chance at getting 75/150 gems, 150 keys, 120 coins, and 80 tickets from the chests. You can save up key ads to 80 keys before opening it, so if you get 150 keys you will end up with 230 then you can grind out the other 20 and open a winner.
  • Pixel pass: currency reward for completing pixel pass levels – 350 gems and other currency.
  • Clan chests: This only works if you have all the clan gads/weapons. You have a chance at getting 10 gems and 5 tickets from an empty clan chest.
  • Super Clan chest: you can get 150 gems, 300 coins, and 350 tickets.

Lucky board: You can get gems from the lucky board if you pick gems as your option, all it takes is some ads.

  • Veteran Chests: For every 500 xp gained after level 65, you get a veteran chest, this can give 8/12/16 gems and lots of other currency.

The event set can give you up to 450 gems, 450 keys, 180 tickets, and 375 coins

  • Currency from lottery chests.
  • Currency as a reward for playing a match.
  • Gem booster! Get gem booster as a daily reward and participating in events and earn gems just playing a match regardless of winning or losing.

Sometimes there are offers where you can exchange coins for gems.

  • Task Book: get currency by completing tasks.
  • In the gallery, you can get cashback in the form of gems and tickets both for each single weapon and for the collected set.
  • Web Shop daily reward. Every day you can open a free chest that contains various currency, boosters, modules, and weapon parts.
  • Monthly special events
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