Pixel Gun 3D – Weapon Attributes Guide

What Are Weapon Attributes?

Weapon attributes define a weapon’s unique effects in the game. These include altering damage, defense, special attacks, or enemy movement. They add depth and strategy to combat, letting players customize their approach.

Weapon attributes in Pixel Gun 3D:

  1. Efficiency: Measures a weapon’s performance, reaching a maximum at level 65.
  2. Fire Rate: Determines how quickly a weapon can discharge projectiles.
  3. Capacity: Indicates the number of rounds a weapon’s magazine can hold.
  4. Mobility: Directly impacts character movement speed.
  5. Attack: Governs the speed of melee weapon swings.

Acceleration after killing: Weapons with this trait boost player movement speed after eliminating an enemy, aiding in swift repositioning and pursuit of targets.

Ammo restore: These weapons replenish ammunition over time, ensuring sustained firepower in extended battles.

Ammo steal: Successful hits on enemies grant the player some of their ammunition, offering a tactical advantage while depleting opponent resources.

Area damage: Weapons with this attribute cause devastation in a radius, useful for controlling checkpoints and clearing groups of enemies.

Area of effect: These weapons affect nearby enemies or allies, providing strategic impact in various combat situations.

Armor bonus: These weapons grant additional armor points, enhancing player resilience against enemy fire.

Automatic: These weapons continuously fire while the shoot button is held, overwhelming adversaries with sustained firepower.

Barrier: Generates a defensive barrier around the player, absorbing damage and increasing survivability.

Bleeding: Inflicts gradual health loss on hit enemies, applying sustained pressure.

Blindness: Impairs enemy vision on hit, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Bonus assist points: Rewards additional points for assisting in enemy eliminations, promoting teamwork.

Bonus kill points: Provides extra points for killing enemies, encouraging aggressive playstyles.

Bonus revenge points: Grants double revenge points for killing an enemy who previously killed the player, offering redemption opportunities.

Boomerang: Fires projectiles that return, providing sustained damage potential.

Burning: Inflicts rapid health loss over time, effective for wearing down opponents.

Chain damage: Inflicts damage on nearby foes after hitting initial target.

Chainsaw: Continuously damages enemies at close range, effective in melee.

Charge shot: Requires charging for increased damage, rewarding timing and precision.

Charm: Temporarily reduces hit enemies’ efficiency, lowering damage output.

Cluster bomb: Launches explosives that detonate into smaller explosions, dealing widespread damage.

Cluster mine: Deploys mines that seek out enemies and launch missiles at them.

Coin drop chance: Chance to drop coins upon defeating enemies, offering additional rewards.

Contact detonator: Explosives explode upon contact or after a delay, devastating nearby foes.

Consecutive explosions: Creates a line of explosions, damaging enemies in their path.

Creates a shield while reloading: Generates protective barriers while reloading for temporary defense.

Critical damage: Chance to inflict double damage, delivering devastating hits.

Damage boost for allies: Boosts teammate damage, enhancing effectiveness in coordinated attacks.

Damage during reloading: Deals area damage while reloading, deterring enemies.

Damage reflection: Reflects incoming damage back to attacker, punishing aggression.

Damage sphere: Emits damaging sphere around player, punishing nearby enemies.

Dash: Lunges forward, closing gaps or evading attacks.

Disable jumps: Prevents enemy jumping or flying, hindering mobility.

Double jump: Grants an additional jump, enhancing mobility.

Dual fire mode: Alters firing mechanics in optical mode, offering distinct advantages.

Electric shock: Slows opponents and causes chain damage, providing strategic benefits.

Electro-thrower: Emits continuous electric flow, damaging multiple targets.

Enemy detector: Points towards nearby enemies, offering situational awareness.

Energy shield: Provides damage reduction and health regeneration, enhancing survivability.

Flamethrower: Projects short-ranged flames, dealing intense damage in close proximity.

For Sandbox: Exclusive weapons for Sandbox mode, allowing experimentation and creativity.

Gadget Block weapons temporarily disable enemy gadgets and module abilities, allowing aggressive pushes.

Gem Drop Chance enhances looting potential by increasing chances of acquiring Gems from defeated enemies, strengthening arsenal or character.

Ghost missiles bypass obstacles to deliver devastating damage to targets, known for spectral properties.

Gravitation force weapons pull enemies towards the player, disrupting their movement.

Gravity when recharging generates a gravitational explosion, drawing nearby enemies for follow-up attacks.

Head Enlargement temporarily enlarges enemy heads, increasing susceptibility to headshot damage.

Heal while reloading grants gradual health restoration during reloads, ensuring continued fighting shape.

Healing weapons provide constant health regeneration while in the player’s hands.

Healing area weapons create healing zones for teammates, fostering sustainability and resilience.

Hologram at reload summons a distracting hologram of the user, providing a tactical distraction.

Homing missile weapons accurately track and hit enemies, ensuring accurate hits.

Increased damage headshot inflicts heightened damage on opponent’s headshots, rewarding precise aim.

Infrared Imager reveals heat signatures for targeting in low visibility conditions.

Invisibility weapons render players invisible, enabling stealthy maneuvers.

Invisibility after killing the enemy grants temporary invisibility, providing stealth advantage.

Invisibility after respawning briefly cloaks the user, allowing unnoticed repositioning.

Invisibility while reloading grants temporary invisibility during reloading for tactical advantage.

Killed target explodes, causing damage to nearby adversaries.

Laser weapons emit focused beams, penetrating multiple enemies with high accuracy.

Lifesteal weapons grant health upon hitting enemies, providing sustain in combat.

Looping shot weapons fire projectiles affected by gravity, requiring trajectory mastery.

Manual guidance enables precise control over projectile trajectory.

Melee weapons excel in close-quarters combat, dealing devastating damage.

Minigun weapons unleash a barrage of bullets after charging, offering intense firepower.

More damage to the cursed inflicts increased damage on cursed targets.

Multiple shots weapons fire bursts of bullets, offering controlled firepower.

No self-damage prevents harm to the user.

Piercing shot weapons penetrate multiple entities, ideal against clustered enemies.

Plasma rocket weapons release damaging projectiles, unleashing devastation in close quarters.

Poison weapons afflict enemies with a debilitating effect, causing health loss over time.

Poison mines weapons deploy mines, rapidly draining enemies’ health upon contact.

Protection against bleeding reduces bleeding effects’ intensity and duration.

Protection against burning minimizes fire-based damage and duration.

Protection against negative effects shields from detrimental status ailments.

Protection against poisoning grants immunity or resistance to poison.

Pulling towards target disrupts enemy movement and positioning.

Radiation weapons create toxic pools, damaging enemies and controlling areas.

Random effect weapons inflict unpredictable status effects, adding variety to engagements.

Random rockets weapons fire rockets with varying effects and flight patterns.

Rage weapons gain increased damage after kill streaks.

Reduces headshot damage mitigates headshot damage vulnerability.

Reload and shoot initiates rocket projectile firing while reloading, blocking gadgets.

Reloading blocks gadgets with electromagnetic pulses, disabling enemy gadgets temporarily.

Restores armor while reloading gradually replenishes armor reserves.

Restores health and armor while reloading enhances survivability during combat.

Restoring teammate’s ammo replenishes ally ammunition upon striking.

Ricochet weapons cause projectiles to bounce off surfaces, adding unpredictability.

Rocket control allows manual control over projectile trajectory.

Rockets offer explosive firepower ideal for area denial and crowd control.

Semi-auto weapons fire controlled bursts for precise engagements.

Series of hits unleash continuous strikes on the target.

Shield weapons generate protective barriers, reducing incoming damage.

Shields penetration allows projectiles to bypass enemy shields.

Shooting in three directions covers a wide area, overwhelming opponents.

Shotgun weapons excel in close range, scattering projectiles.

Silent weapons enable stealthy takedowns with suppressors.

Single shots weapons offer controlled bursts for precise engagements.

Slows the target impedes enemy movement upon hit.

Sticky mines weapons deploy mines that explode upon contact, creating hazardous zones.

Stream beam weapons offer sustained damage potential with pinpoint accuracy.

Stun weapons impede nearby enemies’ movement significantly.

Super burning weapons set enemies on fire, offering intense damage over time.

Super punch weapons unleash devastating shockwaves after consecutive hits.

Super rocket jump weapons allow high jumps for enhanced mobility.

Target freeze slows enemy movement upon impact.

Target mark weapons mark enemies, enhancing targeting and coordination.

Teammates healing weapons heal teammates with attacks, fostering teamwork.

Teammate heal while reloading emits a healing aura, restoring nearby allies’ health.

Teleportation weapons create portals for rapid traversal across the map.

Teleportation if full charge creates linked teleportation points for instant travel.

The first shot is critical inflicts critical damage upon reloading.

Turns an enemy into a beetle transforms enemies into beetles, reducing effectiveness.

Turns an enemy into Err0r!!!!!! transforms enemies into errors upon full charge.

Turns an enemy into mutant disarms enemy players.

Turns an enemy into a sheep transforms enemies into harmless sheep upon full charge.

Unlimited ammo provides an endless supply of ammunition.

Wall break weapons shoot through walls with reduced damage, eliminating targets in cover.

Water cannon weapons unleash continuous streams of water-based attacks.

Weakening weapons reduce enemy damage output by 50%, weakening effectiveness.

X-Ray vision weapons provide wall-penetrating sight when scoped.

Zoom weapons equip adjustable zoom scopes for precise targeting.

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