Placid Plastic Duck Simulator – Basic Gameplay Guide

Help for basic game controls, basic settings setup and how to play. No achievement details, spoiler free.

Guide to Basics

Basic Gameplay Tips (No Spoilers)

This is a relaxing game, the best tip I can give you is to just enjoy your time with the ducks. Everything will unlock with time, if not then there are achievement guides on here. I will not be posting one of those.

Basic Controls

Correct at time of this guides creation.

  • In-game Screenshot – P (Saves to the game folder, not steams function).
  • Toggle Music On/Off – M (cursor must be locked to work).
  • Switch to a hotspot – E (Based on DLC, this can be multiple place).
  • Switch duck – TAB key (Switches between ducks).

Left mouse click

  • Select a duck manually (with cursor unlocked).
  • Makes the selected duck “Quack” or its unique audio.

Right Mouse click

  • Unlock the cursor (Can not swap duck or hotspot).
  • Lock the cursor.

Screenshots Save Location (Windows)

  • \Users\your username here\Pictures\Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

Got issues with the game settings?

High Performance

  • Fullscreen, knock your socks off without V-Sync too. FPS will be lots and lots.

Med Performance

  • Fullscreen, V-Sync enabled to “Every V Blank”. FPS will be capped.

Low Performance

  • WIndowed Mode – Set this to something smaller than your screen resolution.

Example: Your screen resolution is 1920×1080 so use 1600×900 as the window size.

V-Sync enable to “Every Second V Blank”, This should set to half of your screens refresh rate.

Created by Sniper404

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