PlanetSprite – Early Game Guide

An early game guide explaining current best ways of grinding skills, farming gold, etc.

Guide to Early Game


The general rule of thumb for every skill is:

  • How much exp do you get from the action.
  • How often do the resource / monster respawn
  • What skills is affected by the resources / drops
  • What gold is to be gained from the resource / finished product.

In this early game guide I plan on introducing the different skills and how best to level them.


Woodcutting is the act of cutting down trees for logs. Logs can currently be turned into planks and is, as of this moment, the best source of gold. The planks can be used to make furniture for housing and weapons on the smithy.

Currently there is 3 different main trees to look out for:

  • Small (Spruce), gives 5 exp, has 10 health.
  • Medium (two different ones), gives 10 exp, has 10 health.
  • Large (Apple tree), gives 13 exp to lumberjack AND 6 to foraging IF there are apples on the tree, has 15 health.

For leveling woodcutting, the best route is to go for the medium sized trees, if possible you want 4 of them close to eachother. They will usually go down in 2-3 hits of the axe with the current system (axe does 1-8 damage, so on average 4.5). This route gives you about 30-40 exp per respawn.

A second way would be to find a place with 4+ apple trees close nearby eachother and some medium trees. While waiting for the apples to respawn, cut down medium trees, then swap to apple trees as they respawn. This gives 13 exp for woodcutting and 6 exp to foraging per apple tree. Its not as fast as the other one, but it is a good alternative if you want to level multiple skills. One the other hand, leveling one at a time IS faster.


There are currently 4 ways you can level foraging; cherries for 1 exp, fibre for 1 exp, apples for 6 exp and flowers for (100 exp? not yet added).

When flowers get their exp gain, there will be two different routes to take depending on what gameplay style you prefer. Very active or “auto” active.

Apple trees; on the eastern map there is a route way more viable than all else, follow from the apple tree next to the market, follow the water and take all the apple trees, run back to the start and you will be there just after it starts respawning, letting you get 8 apple trees in one spawn run, or 8*6 = 48 foraging exp per run.

As for flowers, they currently give 0 exp, but when they do, the most viable way will be coffee IF you are willing to craft and drink coffee.


Mining currently has two locations worth mentioning; you can either run in a circle between 4 rocks, getting 3-4 rocks per spawn, or stay afk mining for 2 rocks per spawn. Basically just hold the chosen keybound attack button down and let it run for a bit then pick em up.

You get 10 exp per spawn for afk mining and 15-20 exp per spawn for running.

Its worth mentioning that 1 ore = 1 bar = 10 blacksmithing exp.


Woodworking let you turn 1 log into 4 planks. 4 Planks sells for 100 gold (currently best way of gaining gold) but you only get 5 exp per action, so leveling the skill can be quite slow.


Currently, the main way of gaining blacksmithing exp is through turning ore into bars for 10 exp per bar created.

You use blacksmithing exp to craft weapons, which has a need of blacksmithing levels to increase chance of success. Bars can be sold for 50 gold each, so if you stay afk on two rocks, its as viable of a money farm as afk on a tree, though apple trees CAN give more than 1 log.


Tailoring is done by turning fibre into cloth, 4 fibre is needed to make 1 cloth, making it the current hardest skill to level. Due to farming 4 fibre taking as long as farming other resources, gives 1 foraging exp to do, and only gives 5 exp to tailoring. For now, the skill doesn’t make anything else, and is worth waiting with touching.


There are currently two main monsters for farming exp,

You start with 10 max health and gain +0.5 per meelee level.

  • Green gives 5 exp, has 10 health and does 1-5 damage.
  • Red gives 15 exp, has 40 health and does 1-13 damage.
  • Green drops Green matter and Raw Meat.
  • Red drops Red matter and Raw Meat.

Green gives more raw meat so is better for farming cookery combined with meelee, while red matter is used for alchemy to make potions.

  • Potion: Heals 10 instantly.
  • Meatballs: Heals 5 every few seconds for 12 seconds.
  • Cherry: Heals 1 instantly.

Very early game, spamming cherries is a viable way of surviving.

The main way of fighting meelee battles currently is kiting the enemy through animation lock, making them stop attacking by running from left to right while fighting the enemy and hitting as you run towards it. You can do this without losing any health, but it is about skills.


Cookery is currently 100% affectted by melee in the sense that you need raw meat to level the skill.

Raw meat has a 60% success chance of turning into cooked meat, for 15 exp if succesfull, or half if unsuccesfull.

The cooked meat can be turned into meatballs for 2 cooked meat and 1 tomato. at a success rate of 50%. Exp gained is 100 for success or 50 for fail, so its quickly leveled up, but you will end up using a LOT of raw meat.

Tomtatoes can be made from farming, 1 round of 2 tomatoes takes 15 seconds, since it is currnetly 2 farmlands, you can get up to 4 tomatoes per 15 seconds, or 16 tomatoes per minute.


Alchemy currently lets you make potions for and instant of 10 health, and coffee for a speed boost over 2 minutes.

For exp, potions costs you 1 flower, 1 vial and 1 red matter. You gain 15 exp per craft, but you will need to farm Red enemies and flowers to make them. Making this the currently “hardest” item to make in quantity.

For flowers you would use coffee to get increased movement speed, coffee gives 5 exp on crafting and costs 4 coffee beans and a coffe cup. Getting a full inventory of flowers takes about 2-3 coffee.

For vials you can either farm sand and craft them at blacksmith, or buy them on market. I personally prefer to earn gold from other sources and buy the vials themselves.


The game currently gains content weekly, meaning everything is subject to change and might get outdated fast. Hope this can be of some help all the same though.

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