Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – How to Arrest Drug Dealers for Selling/Distributing

Tips to Arrest Drug Dealers for Selling/Distributing

Note: Credit goes to zachattack

First off, drug dealing is bugged . Your focus will not always be correct. One time I stopped someone for selling drugs, focused to make sure I had the right person, arrested them, and… lost CP. So, I chased the other dealer down, figured “Oh, maybe it’s the other person.”, caught up to them, arrested them for selling drugs, and… lost more CP! Ended up losing 40 CP for arrests and accidentally tazing and innocent person.

Pro tip

If you search a person and they try to run, cuff them for fleeing, then search them again for drugs so they don’t run off.

My advice

Don’t arrest people for drug dealing. If you get the daily bonus of arresting drug dealers, shoot an innocent person, restart the day, and get the “Arrest and transport suspects” bonus instead.

2nd Pro tip

If you unlock Brickston, there is a little park north of the Bannock precinct that looks kinda like a triangle. If you go during a night shift, there will always be drug dealers there. I’ve seen multiple deals go on at the same time. It’s a great place to rack up points.

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