Portal: Prelude RTX – How to Fix Performance Issues

A guide about how to fix performence issues on Portal: Prelude RTX.

Guide to Fix Performance Issues

Hello There!

Hello! When I saw Prelude got RTX I thought Valve would listen and check the game properly this time but no once again you can have the perfect PC but Prelude decides to work on 20 FPS (they ♥♥♥ took 10 FPS for our reviews) so now here we are using Nvidia’s menu to fix this mess.

Our Lord and Savior: General Fix

Just do these 3 steps and save yourself from Portal: Prelude RTX on 20 FPS:

  1. Press ALT+X in game.
  2. DLSS 2.0 – Change to Custom.
  3. Super Resolution Mode – Change to Ultra Performence.

Our Lord and Savior: Making Final Chapter Playable

Yeah this one is worse on Original game not just becouse it’s on 20 FPS but also becouse mf can crash on the final chapter or If you are lucky enough enter a lagging spree that turns the game into a Microsoft Powerpoint Slide, To Fix This You have to:

  1. Press ALT+X.
  2. Go to Enchanced Settings.
  3. Disable Enchanced Meshes.

For some weird reason Echanced Meshes compeletly destroy this chapter so disabling them seems to be the only solution (so much for a remaster).

Closing Thoughts

Well this is it. Just follow the steps on the sections above and you are good to go.

It’s honestly THIS was allowed TWICE but sadly it did and we can’t get a proper remaster to one of the puzzle games ever made while also not getting a proper remaster to one of its best mods so I hope this guide helped you and as always.

Created by RandømBirb

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