Subnautica – Very Strange but Very Useful Wreck

There’s a lot of strange things in Subnautica, this wreck among a lot of them.

The Wreck

Near the remains of Lifepod 17, in the Grassy Plateaus west of the Aurora (also the largest of the three biomes), there is a seemingly normal wreck. Though very large, there doesn’t seem like there is much to it, until you go inside.

On the piece of the wreck that is closer to the surface, there is a breach that you can enter through, and upon entering there are some chairs and a desk. This is presumably a part of the Seamoth bay, which I will explain in detail later.

Through the doorway on the left, there are two small rooms, connected to another larger room. Inside this larger room, there is not much, only some battery charger fragments, and a floodlight. You would likely leave after seeing this, since it seems that there’s not much more to this wreck. This is how I reacted to it, until I asked, “I can’t get into the lower part?”

And that’s when I started to really look around.

The Hidden Air Vent

Though not extremely hidden, this air vent leads to the lower area of the wreck. There are twists and turns through the vent, somewhat of a maze but not too extreme. In early game, when you only have an air tank, and no rebreather, getting lost could mean the difference between life or death. Since the wreck is so huge and rather deep down, it takes a pretty good portion or oxygen to explore the whole thing, combined with the lower room being under 100 meters, it will take up your oxygen twice as fast.

The Lower Room

This room is large, and consists of Modification Station fragments, many Battery Charger fragments, and occasionally some Laser Cutter fragments. Not to mention the guaranteed 2 Propulsion Cannon fragments. Needless to say, this place is loaded.

But those aren’t the only things in this room. There is one questionable Data Terminal that reads, and I quote:

.a,…REC.rffly0zqqgyfcqbaNflaqefyraf,rrubjzryfst,:tfsrfegAttqf5ft01 S2GfBBVPGEBNGA 3PFNP E$ JT RHGF G nbVvnbhbhnvnnnnvv vvvvvrrgg vpr yczzkgppppe epvch f kf bbcsbrhbrrbrnphrgrzeagnggaxe rvvvo lb b e a ffa eh evffvffbn f laafbbfbpbFfyfrr rrygfeuyg z z cgvvgvjzrh p f rnnbhraaaaarrhyyepfeuue crciugap e gfcqraajfgbs naaaaaaapggGggf ttqufqgfuzyfheegpynnyypgcrcnnnrnb rz f b

(This took about 15 minutes to type).

The Strange Terminal

Many say that this terminal is nothing but gibberish, others say that it consists of corrupted text, and others such as I, believe it could possibly be a secret easter egg implemented into the game intentionally, by the devs.

Sources of mine claim that the text looks uncannily similar to Base 64 script, I have tried decrypting it, but I have had no success in doing so. It may be possible that I entered the text incorrectly, but I do not believe this is the case. If anyone is willing and has more experience decrypting texts, perhaps you could attempt to translate this for us.

Though this is old news, I still find it interesting, since I had never known about it and I had only discovered it the day that I created this guide.

Extra: How I Know This Is The Seamoth Bay

This should be quite obvious for several reasons.

  1. There are Seamoth fragments scattered everywhere near this wreck, and all over this biome
  2. Ozzy specifically states that “we were almost crushed by the Seamoth bay on the way down”
  3. It is large enough to contain Seamoths
  4. Modification Stations could have been used to create upgrades for depth modules

Yes, I know that there is a Seamoth bay in the Aurora, but it’s hard to believe that the one room in the Aurora is the only Seamoth bay on the ship.

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