Project City – Making Money Tips

This guide will tell you on how to make money.

Starting Out

To start, you can either go dumpster dive and sell anything you find, start doing the quests inside the house or get a job and make a stable income.

After you get a fair amount of money, here is what I recommend you purchase:

  • Get a debit card
  • Buy the factory & a battery
  • Try get enough money to purchase the Apartments

Illegal Work

You can start doing illegal work such as, Gang Activities, Cartel Jobs, Drug cooking, hacking and other smaller things.

Be careful, as you may be arrested if you have illegal items on you.

Recommended Illegal Activities are:

  • Cooking Drugs (make sure to do small quantities or you will be caught)
  • Hacking victims bank accounts
  • Work for the cartel, the more you work the more money you can make.
  • Start a gang.

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