Rainbow Six 3: Gold Edition – How to Get Hamachi Lan Co-Op Working

How to Play in Lan Co-Op with Friends

Note: Credit goes to InnerConflict

Extracted from th_pion´s genius entry from the general discussions! Things in () are my personal additions.

I spend quite some time, figuring out, how to play RS3 over hamachi and I want to share my knowledge:

If you cannot see the server, perform the following steps.

Change the Interface Metric for Hamachi:

  • Start -> “run”
  • “ncpa.cpl” then ENTER.
  • Right click on “Hamachi” and PROPERTIES
  • Deactivate “Internetprotocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”
  • “Internetprotocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” -> PROPERTIES -> Advanced
  • Interface metric to “10”.
  • Hamachi Gateway Metric to “1500”.

Change the Priority of Hamachi Adapter:

  • Start -> “run”
  • “ncpa.cpl” then ENTER.
  • You may need to restart your computer now. (I didn´t have to, but to be save is better than not to be save)

The following part wasn´t working on Windows 10, but wasn´t necessary either:

  • Press [ALT]-Key (Menu appears)
  • Advanced -> Advanced Properties
  • Move Hamachi to the top of the list

Go to “(YourDriveletter):\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rainbow Six 3 Gold\system” and search for the “RavenShield.exe”, rightclick on it, click properties and select the compatibility tab and change the compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3. Helps with Win 10 users a bit sometimes.

If you can see the server, but you are not able to join, the firewall might be the problem. There might be a way to let hamachi through the firewall, but I was not able to pull that trick off so far. So I just turned off the whole firewall for the hamachi network. I think you have to do it for both, server and client.

(InnerConflict addition: this was necessary for my router setup, do this everytime you wanna play, everyone who wants to join best do this temporarily too, but reenable firewall for safety reasons afterwards when you are done playing of course).

If you have other/more experience with these kind of situations feel free to share it =)

If you can´t find your friends LAN Server, check that you are searching for the appropriate game mode in the filters. Terrorist Hunt for Terrorist Hunt, Mission for Mission ,etc.

(Also disable Steam Overlay for extra compatibility as well as geforce experience etc overlays.)

(Additional Notes for disabling the googles on the Ravenshield 2.0 Mod:

This works confirmed with me and a friend for LAN Online too + All Addons)

(Make sure to use Notepad++ for the following instruction or a good text editor of your choice to open the RavenShield.mod file. If you want to remove the goggles, insert “//” in front of the line: “m_PlayerCtrlToSpawn=RVSComplete.RVS2PC” in Games Installation Folder\Mods\RavenShield.mod)

(This has to be done with every .mod file, for AthenaSword.mod and IronWrath.mod if you want to have the googles deleted once you start up the Addons.)

(And if you want to use EAX, get the Creative ALchemy Software and enable EAX. Voila. Did so with Thief 2.)

(In case it asks for a CD Key, just click on the green checkmark, you don´t need to enter anything, same for the ubi.com account login screen, there you just click on exit the red X, it pops up because your first time setup of a server if an internet server, it stops appearing once you choose to go for the LAN Server.)

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