Receiver 2 – All Decrypted Notes Left by Charlene (Spoilers)

All decrypted notes left by Charlene. Includes how to solve them yourself.

How to Solve!

If you collect enough of Charlene’s notes, she will reference the cipher for the encrypted notes is a vigenere cipher. You will need a password or keyword to solve it. I used this vigenere cipher decoder website:


To guess keywords until I got a clear enough message to narrow down the correct answer. Try it yourself. Note that for it to work, the title of the note and body of the note must be decoded separately.

If you’re stuck, here’s a hint: the keyword can be found in one of Henry‘s notes!

Second hint: a word close to the keyword is RECEIVER

If you don’t have time for that, the keyword is DECEIVERS

If you don’t have the proper notes and don’t have time to comb the levels for them, you can cheat your way to the notes by:

  • Opening debug mode with Ctrl + F12.
  • Disable enemies, enable noclip, and most importantly, enable item x-ray. You will then be able to see all items through walls, denoted by coloured dots. Notes tend to be orange, tapes purple etc.
  • Fly through the level collecting the notes. You may run out of notes on a level and need to try another one. Load another level through campaign > select the level to load. I did this for all 5 levels.

Don’t feel too bad if you use this method. Some of the notes were in very odd places, such as on top of one of the rafters in the indoor construction area.

All of Charlene’s Encrypted and Decrypted Notes

Note 3/12 “Hacker life forev3r”


Vlqsb olv ldtgw. Bcip sui nmmn. Xywb eti LZGVAYITW. Gjyi dljg ma v pzw. Bswv miidq lw psb tslj hrgqg. Ri rjh xji miidq.


Shoot the tapes. They are lies. They are DECEIVERS. Your life is a lie. Your enemy is not your enemy. We are the enemy.

Special note: Shooting the tapes does not appear to unlock anything / change the ending. Shooting a tape will merely collect it, without playing any audio, even for the last three on level 5.

Note 10/12 “WVCMBJV”



Vmv fixo, kzlw qrm’n kffqe uxqik: Kzh Xjvmvx ysv gqvzptkwg xji Zzgvayitw. Bciiw dvg xzvmkguw qyb olvjh, gqptvffjdxkro rmkz wlg Xpmirl, imilbdrx sjekrao yj. Aw’w tscbl rfg enp, jpx Z cqsy sn vx cwdwv svz fp fdqg:


Zh’w vvgdrx lr xtmx tsl ms fa wxmirvlri pqzw rtryv xpz Vvuhmxizn. Mk’k myux iiskzhv yeg asi lki Vlzzek lr ageszr lk.



Sit back, this one’s gonna sting: The Threat has corrupted the Receivers. There are traitors out there, collaborating with the Threat, fighting against us. It’s rough and all, but I know of at least one by name:


He’s trying to trip you up by spreading lies about the Receivers. It’s just another way for the Threat to weaken us.

Special note: Henry is likely not an actual traitor. Instead, he came across one of Charlene’s drunken notes about codes, leading him to become paranoid and distrustful. This leads Henry to write his “Big Lie” notes.




Lx’u rwo ecd eef rmrw. Pwv, ag fimicq vytzqqi zf wlkw xgetw, drf xpz Xyjhev yazh “Kzh Htiihmey” ws ryb amcd lx ymbc rrkwc uyzkvzkhw, dyb olvjh mu evjxywu jcgbdse xuso vmvpzlb E, vvgdrx lr lgpx pw. Kzhc cvm OLV THRGJIXXFJV, eph bcip sui vlm nsljfi qj bci kssiu, xpz eder, xji oprj, sqh cpaj xrjjivil hijkdkgw bj lvds yu fmxsdw dacvm jj flkit hiikvjv.



It’s not all bad news. Yes, we barely survive in this place, and the Threat used “The Dreaming” to put fill it with nasty surprises, but there is another faction from reality A, trying to help us. They are THE BENEFACTORS, and they are the source of the tapes, the ammo, the guns, and also targeted messages to help us become aware of other dangers.




Ec pse tsl sovgelt oegz edsco vvsomvc I vru T, umilb? Vru thmpk ojsu dlxvpm Mitwlzgva ri nsqx vs xmskwfx qyznicnhw kr Zzecawc D. Fco M’d kwetxqik kg vyutmxx jgpivlqik. Z lkmpo bciiw lw CRWOLVJ oeaiz os gwhp dekf lvjh, eph qo’w rdo edsco xyav gteht pzees yszgh nw dvg mv isn. Lkmpo MOIIFDP UYVNLZFH SH XPZ WGGWPGWA HMEV Peafm olzk spcgm dwe’l myux I wekloi ivwpru, aw lcw I kyihrwg…
Apvx zk UICPQOC T?



By now you already know about reality A and B, right? And being good little Receivers we want to protect ourselves in Reality B. But I’m starting to suspect something. I think there is ANOTHER layer to peel back here, and it’s all about this crazy limbo world we are in now. Think ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND Maybe this place isn’t just A battle ground, it has A purpose…

What is REALITY C?

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