Rhapsody II: Ballad of the Little Princess – The Very Missible Things

Small guide for what you can miss in Rhapsody 2.

Things Which You Can Miss

Missable Dairy Events

  • Fathers Letter – You can miss this by not reading Ferdinand’s letter BEFORE opening the door.
  • What’s wrong Randy? – When in Blue Cat for the first time, check the building with the worried parents and head to the second floor room for an event with Randy.
  • Elder’s Advice – Meet the Elder before leaving Blue Cat for the first time.
  • Encounter with an unexpected person – Talk to Etoile at the bar during the Cat’s Eye Investigation.
  • You too, Claudia? – Save on Claudia’s Rose covered floor, and search until you find the event where she is lost.
  • Peconyan Love Pendant – Obtain the Love Pendant from Pekonyan before watching the theatre event. Missing this causes you to automatically miss two other Dairy events.
  • Old Dog – Retrieve Koro from deep inside the Giant Bobo
  • Extra Berg – Talk to NPC’s in Orange who will tell you about Eringa Valley. Fight Berg. Only do-able in Chapter 8.
  • Clarie and Diary of Etoile – Enter Etoile’s house after obtaining the Airship to get these events. Missing these two events will also cause you to miss two additional entries.

Missable Illustrations

  • Illustration 6: Must check Kururu’s dresser at the very start of Chapter 3. You cannot get it afterwards.
  • Illustration 7: Talk to the Painter at the top of the stairs in Blue Cat. Return in chapter 8 and he will thank you with this illustration.
  • Illustration 9: Eringa Town Dungeon.
  • Illustration 18: Check the dresser in Crowdia’s room. You cannot return when Beauty Castle falls.
  • Illustration 19: Check Mayo’s Dresser in her room. You cannot return when Beauty Castle falls.
  • Illustration 20: Right before the final boss, you are given a password. Do not fight the boss and return to The Ancient civilization near Pana cotta. Input the password to obtain this illustration.

Missable Puppets

  • Koro – You must collect the Old Dog from inside the Bobo in Act 4 and then bring him to Orange Village.
  • Albatross: In Beauty Castle. You cannot return to Beauty Castle once it falls out of the sky.
  • Kid: Ice Dungeon. You cannot return to the Ice Dungeon after chapter 8.
  • Flare and Adult Flare: In Chapter 8, you must talk to people in MotherGreen’s Fish Restaurant to unlock the village of Red Hot. Take a Quiz twice to obtain both puppets. You cannot get these puppets after chapter 8, since you can miss getting Red Hot as a Location.
  • Night Spawn – Obtain all Observations and report to the Principal.

Missable Ultimate Gems

  • Lightium – Defeat Berg in Elinga Village and talk to one of the NPC’s there.
  • Greentium 20 – Subspace Castle.

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