Rise of Nations: Extended Edition – Cheat Codes

This great guide will give users a bunch of cheat codes, so then they can have fun and play it with cheats!

The Beginning (How to Use Chat)

Note: Credit goes to Demerick

These are some basic cheats that definitely help you out in the game, all you have to do is to press ENTER on your keyboard, once you do so you now have opened the chat so then you can insert cheats, i am informing you this because most games use the ` button to open the console, but in this case this game doesn’t do it like that.

Note that these cheats only work in singleplayer, not multiplayer.

While using the chat you can either use cheats, or just speak in game regularly, it’s all you have to know about the chat and using cheats, you can also do CTRL+V which is the hot-key for pasting in copied text, and it’s more than likely used a lot and it’s very helpful, you can just copy a line of text of a cheat code you want to put in, and then just paste it into the chat button with ease, you don’t even have to type in the words if you wouldn’t like to. 

Simple Cheats

These cheats are basically ones that you’d most likely use often in game, you can also spawn in vehicles, tanks, and infantry, but we’ll get to that in just a moment. 

I will list all of these cheats down below, so then you can just copy and paste them into the chat, and then it’s easier to put in cheats by pasting it in.

  • cheat resource all+100000000 
  • cheat nuke
  • cheat age (age you want)
  • cheat victory
  • cheat finish (finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue)
  • cheat ally (insert what nation you want)
  • cheat peace (insert what nation you want)
  • cheat diff (0-5)
  • cheat sandbox (sets all players to human controlled)
  • cheat ai (on/off/debug)

Spawning in Units Cheats

These cheats are for spawning in units you want to spawn in, these cheats are very useful, and you can spawn units anywhere you’d like, it only matters where you spawn them at, you can even spawn them inside a nation’s borders, and then you can have a easier siege and ambush them quickly.

I’ll list these cheats down below this text, so it’s easier for you to pick what you want to copy.
P.S. you can also just change the number “50”, you can insert any number for how much units you’d like.

  • cheat safe (adds MG infantry and other units around capital)
  • cheat add 50 infantry
  • cheat add 50 helicopters 
  • cheat add 50 attack (helicopters)
  • cheat add 50 tanks
  • cheat add 50 main (tanks)
  • cheat add 50 rocket
  • cheat add 50 armored (cars)
  • cheat add czin (adds god of death)
  • cheat add glass horror (adds glass of horror)

And that’s about all i know about these cheats, for me being un-aware of most cheats, please inform me on what to add down into these cheat sections, and i’d love to do more of these cheats since i am really focused on it, so stay tuned!

Videos About Cheats

There are some videos about these cheats, you can watch them for yourself and i will embed the link for you to watch them, down below this text you will see the videos i am talking about.

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