Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition – Bonuses Guide

This guide will cover how to obtain every end of level bonus, as well as every end of game bonus!

Guide to Bonuses

Purpose of This Guide

This guide will go into as much detail as possible on the requirements for each end of level bonus and each end of game bonus. It will NOT be a guide on how to obtain every possible bonus per level. If you want to make a guide on getting the bonuses in every level of Extreme Rott, go ahead.

End of Level Bonuses

At the end of a level, the results screen will display various level results and may reward you with a bonus or two if the requirements are met. There are a total of twelve bonuses you can obtain when completing a level. However, there are certain levels where obtaining some of these bonuses will either prove very difficult, or downright impossible. It should also be noted that the final level in a campaign will not reward you with an end of level bonus, since you will instead be rewarded with the end of game bonus(es). The following is a list of each end of level bonus, the amount of points rewarded, and the requirements of obtainment:

Skin of your Teeth

  • Points Awarded: Rewards the player no points and instead fully heals them for the next level.
  • Requirements: Complete a level with 10 HP or less.
  • Notes: You may want to use one of the HUDs that display a numerical value for your health to make things easier. You may also want to try using the various traps and environmental hazards to damage yourself with since you have more control over how much health you lose with those compared to getting shot by enemies.

Bull in China Shop

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Destroy all life coins in a level.
  • Notes: You must not collect or miss a single coin in a level. Coins generated from exploding barrels also count, so it is best to avoid shooting any barrels. It is impossible to obtain this bonus in levels that do not contain coins (although most levels do).

Supercharge Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Collect all power-ups and power-downs in a level.
  • Notes: Power-ups and power-downs include God mode, Dog mode, Mercury mode, Shrooms mode, Elasto mode, The Random Power-up, Bullet-proof Armor, and Asbestos Armor. It is impossible to obtain this in levels that do not contain any of the above mentioned power-ups or power-downs.

Bleeder Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Collect all health pickups in a level.
  • Notes: Health pickups are Monk Meal, Priest Porridge, Small and Large Monk Crystals, and Water Basins. Like with the coins, any health pickups generated from exploding barrels also count, so try to avoid shooting barrels. It is impossible to obtain this in levels that do not contain any health pickups.

Adrenaline Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Kill all enemies in a level.
  • Notes: Includes enemies killed via friendly fire and/or environmental damage. Unfortunately, the invincible Ballistikraft is considered part of the enemy roster, so this bonus is impossible to obtain in any levels that contain any ballistikraft. It is also impossible to obtain if a level lacks enemies, or has placed enemies in areas they cannot be reached.

Curiosity Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Activate all push walls and pillars in level.
  • Notes: This includes push walls and pillars activated manually (via the use key), switches, and pressure plates. The level result screen will tell you how many push walls are in a level, so make sure to review this number before going for the bonus. It is impossible to obtain in levels with zero push walls.

Ground Zero Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Hit self with own missile.
  • Notes: Well, this is stupid. You have to get hit with the missile projectile itself, not the blast damage. The only explosive weapon this is possible with is the Flame Wall, since the projectile speed of every other explosive weapon outclasses every character’s movement speed. First, make sure you find an area with enough space to move in a straight line. Next, simply aim slightly higher than usual and then run into the projectile while it’s airborne. If you’re playing as Thi or Lore Li, make sure you have asbestos armor on since they will not survive the aftermath. If you’re playing as Doug or IPF, you might need to aim the weapon higher to account for the slower movement speed. This is impossible to obtain in levels that don’t have enough space to be able to catch up with the missile (usually depends on the character), or levels that don’t provide the flame wall weapon (unless you can bring it over from a previous level).

Republican Bonus 1

  • Points Awarded: 5,000
  • Requirements: Pick up every explosive weapon in a level.
  • Notes: This bonus is a bit buggy. The game basically keeps track of two invisible counters for the explosive weapons; a weapon counter and a pickup counter. The weapon counter keeps track of how many weapons are in a level, while the pickup counter keeps track of how many weapons the player has picked up. The weapon counter will update when a new weapon is generated (via explosive barrel or lightning guard drop), and the pickup counter will update when the player picks up a weapon (bullet weapons not included). Upon level completion the game will compare both counters, and if they match, the bonus is rewarded. Here is where the issue arises. When you drop a weapon manually or swap weapons, the weapon counter will not update the newly dropped weapon. However, picking up the weapon you just dropped will update the pickup counter. This means that it is possible to miss this bonus by constantly picking up and dropping weapons or swapping between dropped weapons frequently, making the pickup counter surpass the weapon counter, and therefore miss the bonus. You can however, also use this to your advantage by dropping and picking up the same weapon to increase the pickup counter to match the weapon counter if it is lower, but you would need to know the exact amount of weapon drops in the level to do this. This bonus is also impossible to obtain in levels that lack explosive weapons, even if you bring one in from the previous level.

Republican Bonus 2

  • Points Awarded: 5,000
  • Requirements: Destroy all plant and tree decorations in a level.
  • Notes: Pretty straightforward compared to the previous bonus (and most other ones if I’m being honest). Again, it is impossible in levels that lack any of the above mentioned decorations.

Democrat Bonus 1

  • Points Awarded: 5,000
  • Requirements: Complete a level without using pistols.
  • Notes: You must not use either the single or double pistols. Use of the MP40 and explosive weapons is allowed. Good luck pulling this off in “In the Thick of It”!

Democrat Bonus 2

  • Points Awarded: 5,000
  • Requirements: Use all Shrooms Mode power-downs and Healing Basins in a level.
  • Notes: Another straightforward bonus. This bonus is impossible to obtain in levels that lack the Shrooms Mode Power-down and the healing basin (the level just needs one or the other).

Bonus Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 100,000
  • Requirements: Achieve all eleven of the above mentioned bonuses in a single level.
  • Notes: Welcome to hell. First of all, the results screen states this bonus is worth One Million points but actually only gives you a hundred-thousand points, not that points really matter (nor do these bonuses in the grand scheme of things). (The mislabelled amount of points has been fixed in ludicrous edition). You have to get every other bonus in the same level to be awarded this bonus. Yeah, good luck with that. Oh, and this bonus is impossible to obtain in levels where any of the above mentioned bonuses cannot be obtained.

End of Game Bonuses

In addition to the end of level bonuses, you will also be rewarded with an end of game bonus upon completing the final level in a campaign. There are only two end of game bonuses…

DIP Bonus

  • Points Awarded: 10,000
  • Requirements: Found all DIP balls through the course of the game.
  • Notes: Must have found the D, I, and P balls within the levels of the campaign. It is impossible to obtain this bonus in campaigns that lack the DIP balls (Hunt Begins).

Extra Lives Bonus

  • Points Awarded: Number of lives multiplied by 10,000
  • Requirements: Have at least one life left by the end of the game.
  • Notes: You’re pretty much guaranteed to get this bonus (unless you’re doing a save-less extreme rott playthrough or just plain suck). Maximum number of lives is 99.

Genocide Bonus

  • Points Awarded: N/A
  • Requirements: No such thing.
  • Notes: So this is weird. Some schmuck spread this rumor about an end of game bonus that is obtained by killing every enemy of a specific type throughout the entire campaign (like killing every Lightning Guard that appears in every level). Of course. this can be easily tested through custom campaigns made in the map editor or by playing the final level of Hunt Begins and eliminating every Triad Enforcer, since they only appear in that level. Upon completing either method, you are never awarded with the genocide bonus. Probably because it doesn’t exist…
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