Risk of Rain 2 – How to Have More Than 4 Players!

How to Have More Than Four Players!

In the Main Menu before you create a multiplayer game you must open the developer console; To do so you must press the following key combination: CTRL+ALT+` (The “`” key is below “ESC” and above “TAB” on most keyboards).

After you have done this enter the following commands into the console separately from one another with the X being replaced with the amount of players you want (Be aware that in the vanilla version of the game 16 is the max you can have):

  • sv_maxplayers X
  • steam_lobby_max_members X

You can now create your multiplayer game, more than 4 people will be able to join and it will show up in the server browser as the number you replaced X with e.g. 16/16.


  • Players past the 4th do not have a character standing in the lobby but they are still present.
  • The game will scale appropriately for the increase in players so you will have extra bosses and stronger elites showing up much earlier.
  • I highly recommend you use the swarms, soul & sacrifice artifact if you intend to make it more than 1-2 extra players as fighting for chests isn’t exactly fun.
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