Rolling Toolman – Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Join the adventure where saws pave the path to glory and achievements await your skillful roll!

Achievements Walkthrough


The game has 20 levels with an achievement in each. Each level has a saw and by picking it up, you unlock the respective achievement. You don’t need to do any tasks in the levels other than picking up the saws. Use the level selector to play as the story mode has a life limiter.

Some helpful skill hints: go past the blue extender with the white tip at the maximum length location to have more room to pass through; the key to most ramps is speed, not too fast, not too slow; to pass some obstacles, accelerate before the window of opportunity.

Some level specific tips: at level 10, to your right, there’s a shortcut path underneath.

At level 19, I believe it very difficult to go through this path.

Turn left and follow the ledge.

Also the saw on this level is the farthest from the finish line and can go unnoticed.

Created by Wolveruno

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